Lessons On Trauma and Trust

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“If you go to Bible College, I will slice your throat and kill you!”

Those were the words that Marty heard when she told the gang leader that she was going to leave the gang in order to attend Bible College. Marty had only been a believer a short time. As she lay on the floor with the knife at her neck, a song she had just learned came to her mind about the power of the blood of Jesus. And so she began to sing, “There is power, power, wonder working power in blood of the lamb…” Marty sang twice just waiting for the gang leader to cut her throat. After she finished the song the second time, the gang leader dropped his knife and said, “Just go.”

At Bible College Marty met her husband Paul, and after they graduated they got married and entered the ministry together. Late one night, her husband received the frightening message that a raging crowd of 2500 radical jihadists was on its way to the Bible school campus. Hearing that the bloodthirsty mob had already rampaged through a neighboring village, killing hundreds of people, Paul knew that he had to act quickly. He rushed to wake his wife and kids. Handing his 4-year old daughter to a student aide, Paul urgently commanded them to flee for the jungle. Then he raced through the campus yelling at the top of his lungs. As the 132 staff and students frantically spilled out of the dorms and fled for the forest, the crazed jihadists rushed into the compound. Paul was one of the last to flee as the campus went up in flames.

Once in the jungle, Paul gradually managed to locate the hiding clusters of students. He started counting heads to see if everyone had made it out alive. The number peeked at 130.  Only two people were missing. One was his daughter. The other, was the student entrusted with her care. Paul and Marty were overtaken with grief and anxiety. For four long hours, they feverishly searched in the darkness.

Exhausted, Paul took a few moments to rest on a giant boulder beside a river that snaked through the jungle. Pleading with God, he wept and wept. Suddenly, he heard a faint whimper coming from the river below.  He quickly scrambled down the ravine to the edge of the water. Flooded with relief, Paul saw his small daughter. He held her tight and poured out his gratitude to God. A few hours later, the missing student was located. Everyone had survived.

That terrifying night was a turning point for both Marty and Paul. Before dawn, they had received a life-altering message from God: “It’s bad to be lost. It’s worse to lose those you love.” In the darkness of the jungle, they gained invaluable insight into the nature of the Father’s love for his lost children. In humility and gratefulness, he re-committed himself to the passionate and urgent proclamation of the Gospel.

Since that time they’ve partnered with others to plant 54 radio stations! This has resulted in thousands of new believers and the planting of over 1550 churches! 12 orphanages and children’s centers have been launched. A Bible school is now up and running that has trained hundreds of future pastors, evangelists, and radio broadcasters. God has done remarkable things through Marty and her husband. They trusted God to bring beauty from their trauma and the results have been phenomenal.


As I’ve reflected on their story, I’m inspired and reminded of two truths:

  1. God doesn’t always protect us from trials and trauma but He is with us in the horror.
  2. If we will intentionally listen for God’s voice – even during our trials – He will often birth a vision of how He wants to use that trauma for His glory!

It could be that, even as you read this, you’ve lost everything because of the flood waters in Houston, or perhaps you’re facing the trial of sickness or financial strain. My question to you is this: Will you trust God to bring good out of your trauma? Will you intentionally create the space to listen for His voice? I’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment on this blog at www.beckyharling.com

Please note: the names of Marty and Paul have been changed to protect them as they continue to serve. If you’d like more help in your journey to hear God’s voice I have a FREE gift on my website called, How to Listen to Hear God’s Voice. www.beckyharling.com


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