Lessons I Learned From A House That Wouldn’t Sell

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 Recently, I posted on Facebook that we finally sold a house we had been trying to sell for seven years.   For those who don’t know the story, we bought the home near Colorado Springs, when we first moved to Colorado. In our daughter’s senior year of high school, my husband accepted the position as lead Pastor at Foothills Community Church in Arvada, CO. Not wanting to move our daughter in her senior year, we decided to wait until the following year to move up to Arvada (an hour and a half North). But, during her senior year the housing market crashed.


Over the seven years, we’ve had renters, some who did quite a bit of damage to the house, some who moved out without paying the rent they owed us, and some who said they wanted to buy our home but ended up not able to be approved for a mortgage. Finally, last week we sold and closed on our home.


As I reflect back, I’m grateful, because I learned a few rich lessons through the house that wouldn’t sell. Here are just a few of those lessons:


  1. I don’t have to “understand” God in order to trust Him. Many times over the last seven years I have reflected on, Romans 11:33-36. God’s wisdom is far beyond any that I can imagine. If I’m able to understand everything He does, He’s really not big enough for me to trust. Right? Whether or not I understand is irrelevant. At the end of my battle to trust, I must admit, He is God. I am not.
  2. I don’t need to go to “Worse Case Scenarios” in my mind. I can expect the best and manage my disappointment if the worse happens. Some people find it helpful to consider the worst and then work backwards to quiet their anxiety. But, that doesn’t work for me. I would rather expect the best and manage my disappointment if the best doesn’t happen.
  3. God provides, though not always in the ways I might choose. (Philippians 4:19) Many times over these last seven years Steve and I worried about our finances. Here’s the thing, God always Not always in ways I might have chosen, but faithfully God provided enough and more than enough!
  4. Cultivating contentment is crucial to my spiritual transformation. During the season when our home wouldn’t sell, God was blessing some of my friends. Their homes were selling and they were prospering. I remember at one point comparing our situation with theirs. But as soon as that thought came, the Holy Spirit reminded me that contentment is part of being like Christ. It’s a beautiful feeling to rest in God and simply be content with whatever He gives. By delaying the sale of our home, God invited me to cultivate contentment. The apostle Paul wrote, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances” Phil. 4:12. I am still learning but because our house didn’t sell I am farther along.
  5. I don’t need to own a house in order to feel at home in a house. “Home” is abiding in the Lord and finding rest in Him. “Home” is also cultivating memories with those you love. The house that God has graciously provided us to rent has been filled with love and laughter for these seven years. We’ve celebrated weddings and the births of grandbabies in this home. I’ve had rich and wonderful times with the Lord in this house. It’s beautiful and my heart is at rest here. When the time comes to buy again, I’ll miss it here.


God’s been so good to us. I’m thankful. I love to hear from you. Have you ever had a time when God took a very long time to answer your prayers? What did you learn? Leave a comment.




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  1. Keri Denison
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    I love point number 2 especially! Such a good lesson

  2. Brenda
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    Wow, yes, lots of lessons learned. Thanks for sharing, Becky! I remember praying for your house to sell 4 years ago after we first met. Point #4, CULTIVATING CONTENTMENT, is powerful. Challenging, but powerful! Blessings!!

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