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Hey Friends, this morning I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Trig. Trig is a pastor, artist and missional leader. He, his wife Rachelle and their three beautiful children live in Los Angeles, CA. You can find out more about Trig at, download his music at iTunes/davidTrig, follow his writings at, or email him at Most of all, Trig loves Jesus and has an incredible heart – you’re going to love him. If you leave a comment I’ll enter your name to win a free copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge.  If know of a friend who has lost a job recently, please pass the link to this blog onto them. Help me get the word out.  I know Trig’s words will encourage their hearts!

In Sickness and In Health
Last month I lost my job. It’s been a rough transition especially during this Christmas season, a time when you want to give to those you love, yet your options are suddenly limited.

Then last week I got a severe case of the flu, it’s been going on for eight days, and it’s just beginning to let up. I’ve taken so many over the counter medications, perhaps I should apply for a job at RiteAid!

One morning, after being up all night with a severe cough and fever, I woke up and the Spirit of God told me to read Isaiah 43 and that my deliverance wasn’t going to come from answers to all my questions. That my strength wasn’t going to come from doctors and meds alone. That it wasn’t going to be my efforts that will get me out of this storm. It is God who is the Holy One and our Savior, He is the one who will get us through the storm.

As I read I knew I also had to worship. At first I didn’t know what song to worship to, but soon I knew. It was a song we’ve been singing at church called “Speechless” by Free Chapel, a song about grace.

I love this song first and foremost because it focuses on the grace of God, not on my own merits. Right now, I don’t feel on top of my game. I don’t feel like a great pastor, artist or missional leader, instead I often wonder if I’m good enough. But second, I love this song because it talks about time, how God is never late, how He’s always on time.

Are you at a place of change or loss this Christmas season? Do you find yourself asking a million questions, wondering if you’re good enough, strong enough, wealthy enough? Let me encourage you to focus on the grace of God and His deliverance. No matter what storm you may be going through right now, He is filled with grace and as the song says he is unfailing, unending, always on time.

This morning, after I drove our children to school, I came home and started to laugh at all the medicines, hats, gloves, mittens and applications on our kitchen table. They’re everywhere! But I also gave thanks because it’s been through this craziness that God has once again revived my heart to my true love and our true call – to worship.

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  1. Kari
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    When I am down, I try to get the praise music playing. Count blessings and praise God until I am focused, as your friend says, “on the grace of God and his deliverance.” The storm still might be raging but then I can face it. Now to only remember this more often than not!

  2. Keri Denison
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    Love this, Trig!

  3. Angel Dominguez
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    A job loss does “wonders” at reassessing one’s life and how we might be placing too much of our worth and value in our performance and jobs. Being stripped of the work I had done over my lifetime, I was forced to reassess my value in Christ and Him alone, and how to trust and wait for His direction. It has been a long process, one that involved moving out of state, and starting again. I still don’t have all the answers, but I know Who does. My growth comes in trusting Him daily.

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