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Today’s guest blog post is written by my dear friend, Marian. she is one amazing woman as you will discover!  She is a Pastor’s wife, Mom to five, and future author!  You will love her – leave a comment would you? I’ll choose one name from those who leave comments and that person will win a free copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge. I hope you enjoy Marian’s blog! I love how she writes and you will too! Find Marian’s blog at:


I can remember three times in my life when I’ve looked in the mirror and not recognized myself: When I was nineteen and struggling with substance abuse. When I was thirty and wading through the fog of post-adoption with our oldest daughter. And today, at thirty-three, as I am just plain tired.

You know what tired looks like. Just a few months after our fifth child was born I headed to Origins to find a much needed concealer. I looked at the woman working there and said, “Please help. This baby of mine is not sleeping, and I have these black circles, and I just want to look awake, even when I don’t feel it.”

She handed me two samples, a mirror, and instructions for application. She then went to help another (less tired looking) woman. When she came back, I pointed to the (now purple) circles and said, “They’re still there. Did I do this wrong?”

She looked at the sample container and then back to my face, as if checking to make sure I had really applied them. “Oh my. Yes, they are. They sure are. I have no idea.”

I left her counter with three samples and shattered vanity. After a month of using three different, but equally ineffective, concealers, I quit and learned to embrace the reflection in the mirror.

Because really, let’s face it. We are a tribe of women. We are exhausted and refuse to let go. Why? Because our exhaustion has a name and a face. Our exhaustion has the eyes of our husband, the smile of our mother, or a giggle that makes the screaming so worth it. Our exhaustion often comes with a sense of accomplishment at work and is infused with passion as we serve others. Our exhaustion is a season. It’s a choice. It’s a sign that we are alive—even if we are stretched for this moment of time.

With that said, I refuse to do this alone. If I am going to seize each day, I desperately need the overwhelming presence of God to greet me with the sunrise and sustain me long past sunset. I need His strength to replenish a weary body and His joy to trump my irritability. And so the mornings find me in my office, cross-legged on the floor, flipping pages because I’m hungry for His Word.

A couple months ago, I met Becky over coffee, and she slipped me a gift across the table. I took it home and placed it on my desk as I chased summer days with five children. One morning I realized these dark circles aren’t the only effect of living a stretched life. While I have a degree in biblical studies, my exhaustion had rendered me back to infancy—I was hungry but unable to feed myself. I cracked open the gift of The Thirty Day Praise Challenge, smoothed the pages, and dove in. God met me there in those black squiggles on white pages.

Today, before greeting the reflection of the tired woman in my mirror, I was challenged by this prayer:

{Excerpt from Day 20}

Time pressure and deadlines will pull you in many directions, and the adrenaline rush of a busy life can be addicting. Your mind needs rest and renewal. Come and worship Me in a quiet place, and there you will find refreshment for your spirit, soul, and body. Allow Me to show you a healthier pace for your life. Praise Me for establishing the boundaries of twenty-four hour days. Your body cannot handle nonstop…The best prescription for reducing tension is time spent worshipping Me.

Becky’s words soothe my soul and remind me that I am a limited woman serving a limitless God. I can be everything I need to be for all who need me only when I submit to His leading and wisdom. A mom to five, there are a lot of needs I must meet in the little lives around me. They, too, are hungry—so hungry—and not just for dinner, but also food for their souls. I refuse to serve up miniature portions of discipleship; therefore, I must remember to make room in my life to be filled by God’s Spirit. I must make space for rest. I must clear the office floor and be washed in His grace. And if, as a consequence, those circles vanish—then I have a thing or two to share with the cosmetic consultant at Origins.


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  1. Brittany B
    | Reply

    What a refreshing reminder that God loved us enough to make days only 24hrs! I am working and going to school full time, and those little moments of worship are so priceless to me. I long for those moments and get upset when I haven’t made the time needed. I’m learning that even in chaos that there can be peace that God gives that allows us to endure the storms and the rest when the storm is over.

  2. Ashleigh Slater
    | Reply

    Love this Marian! I needed the reminder that “I am a limited woman serving a limitless God.” Thank you for speaking words of life to me today!

  3. Patricia Williams
    | Reply

    Love this and love Marian! We miss her and Nate so much in Charlottesville, VA! She is an amazing Woman and Christian and Writer!

  4. Tami
    | Reply

    This woman is becoming one of my favorite people. She has such a way with words that becomes part of how she serves those she is ministering too. I am so glad that our paths have been brought together.

    • Kay
      | Reply

      Marian, Thanks for the reminder of where we get the energy we need to fuel our souls. You are much younger than I, yet have been an inspiration to me since your time in Rapid City. What a blessing you are to my family and to many, many others through your sharing.

  5. Kim
    | Reply

    Marian, thank you for your honesty. I feel as though you are describing me, without as many kids :). Praise God that he knows us better than we know ourselves.

  6. Bonnie Rencher
    | Reply

    What a great “prescription” shared in Marion’s article…”The best prescription for reducing tension is time spent worshipping Me.” (God) AMEN!!

  7. Karen
    | Reply

    I would love an opportunity to win your book and bask in the presence of The Lord. I am encouraged by Marian’s heart for God and desire to live fully. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Cathie McLean
    | Reply

    I just started reading 30 Day Praise Challenge, and i am already so encouraged. I am encouraged by reading your words early this morning when I couldn’t sleep. I have been a believer for a long time, but I have always had a hard time praising God in everything. Thank you Becky for this book. Thank you Brenda for telling me about it. Thank you Marian for your encouragement. Thank you Lord!!

  9. Cathie McLean
    | Reply

    Thank you Lord for 30 Day Praise Challenge and Marian’s encouragement for this tired grandma!

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