How Strong is Your Hope?

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It seems to me that one of the enemy’s greatest weapons is discouragement. He loves to torment the believer with feelings of failure, shame, and inadequacy. He sends you messages, like; “You’ll never be free of that addiction”. “You’re a failure!” or, “You’ll never succeed!” Before you know it, you’ve sunk into a pit despair.


Knowing this is his MO we’ve got to have a plan don’t we?


David wrote, “No one who hopes in You will ever be put to shame” (Psalm 25:3) and later in the same Psalm he wrote, “My hope, Lord is in you” (Psalm 25:21). The meaning behind the word ‘hope’ that David used here is “to bind together” like being intertwined. The idea is that when we put our hope in God, we are completely enveloped by Him. I love that!


Yesterday, my little grandson, Charlie, came running to me when he saw me at church. He threw his arms around me and gave me the strongest hug and held on for a long time. He nearly knocked me over in his exuberance! For a few moments, I completely enveloped Charlie. He was bound to me. That’s the picture behind the word hope. Completely bound and enveloped by God. I don’t know about you but I feel a whole lot braver knowing I am completely enveloped by God! 


This week, when Satan starts with his “blah, blah, blah” trying to shame you, panic you and discourage you, run…don’t walk to God. Throw both your arms around Him. Tell Him you love Him. Snuggle in close where you can hear the loving rhythm of His heart for you. Borrow the words of David, and declare out loud, “My hope, Lord, is in you”. Say it like you mean it. The voice you listen to and the words you speak over your mind have enormous power to shape your mindset this week.


Friend, the truth is, Satan, will try to discourage you this week. He’ll try to convince you that you’re an awful Mom, or that you’re an inadequate CEO, or that you can’t finish the project that God has called you to do. He’ll try to tell you that your past means God can’t use you and that you’re not going to have a future. Don’t give him your ear. Instead, bind yourself to the Lord, listen to His voice and declare that your hope is in Him. Listen to some praise music and let the words penetrate your soul. Remember, God’s got you. And, Satan’s got nothing on you. He’s just a coward and a bully. So, tune him out! Cling to the Lord this week. Imagine yourself bound to Him! 


I’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment. Let me know what you do when you feel discouraged, to regain your hope.


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  1. Kristi Jo Mitchell
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    I have the opportunity to go to the retreat at the end of April. I’ve been through a devastating ordeal as we lost our 15 year old son to cancer after a four year battle. I believe, as you have pointed out here, that I can fully trust God with this loss. I believe that He has a purpose for our son’s life and ours as we seek to draw others to the hope we have experienced. I know that all things of this earth are temporary, so we can rest in the promise of eternal life in heaven. What a blessing this truth is as our family walks through grief. We are helping our kids see the joy in sharing this truth with all those around us and in every scope of influence we have. I look forward to being at a retreat focused on hope and being taken care of by those who are called by God! Thanks for doing this for all of us who are tired and weary.

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