How do you find your happy?

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The other night I was watching TV and I heard the comment, “I just want to find happiness.”  As I’ve been reflecting on that I’ve had a lot of thoughts. Is happiness hiding? Is happiness something that just randomly comes into our lives? I mean, I love feeling happy too! So where exactly does that feeling come from?

In the Old Testament, there was a huge competition between “sister wives” over who could feel loved by their husband Jacob and who could have the most children. At one point in the battle of the bulge, Leah says, “How happy I am!” because she has given birth to a son. She names her son, Asher which means happy!  What a great name for a little boy !  But, here’s the problem,  when our personal happiness is wrapped up in our children, or our husbands, or in whether or not we find love, or in how successful our careers are, or in how much money we make, or in how big our houses are, we are sure to feel disappointed. Our happy feelings rise and fall, but true joy must be tied to Jesus Christ. Only He can completely satisfy our souls. He created us with an “ache” for Him. When we try to alleviate that ache with anything other than Him – we feel disappointed.

So here’s a challenge for you today. Your feelings of happiness will ebb and flow through out the day. But, in the moments when you feel disappointed, whisper a prayer of praise and say, “Lord Jesus, I praise you that you alone can satisfy the deep longings of my heart. I praise you that all that I need is found in you.  Show me today, how to tie my happy to you!” 

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Have your most amazing Wednesday yet!~

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  1. Natalie Wilson
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    How do I find my happy? Spending time in the mountains. It’s a special place to me, where I love to pray and praise, in the quiet by myself or enjoying it with the ones I love.

  2. Erica Corbett
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    I find my happy through being thankful for the small things! Some days it is harder to fine but once I start being thankful for little things! I become happy because I see I am blessed! It may be weird to some people but it helps me!

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