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My guest blogger today is, Heather Butler.   Heather is part of the team for Becky Harling ministries. She and her husband Jarred, help me with social media, web, and booking. I love Heather . She has an incredible heart for God.   Her story will move you. Please leave a comment.   I’ll be choosing one comment and giving away a worship CD plus a free copy of The 30 Day Praise Challenge. 

My journey to trust God and praise Him had an unlikely beginning.


There I was, laying on the hospital bed feeling completely helpless & in shock. After the doctor examined me, the nurse pushed the gurney to the next floor up. All I could see through the tears was the distorted figure of my husband walking beside me, and the blurred rows of lights on the ceiling.

As we got to the dark, quiet room, the ultrasound technician began her work. After the longest couple of minutes of my life, I couldn’t wait any longer…I had to ask her. “Do you see anything? Is there a heartbeat?” She looked at me kindly & replied, “I’m sorry. I don’t see anything.” It was then, that the last string of hope that my husband & I had that our baby was still alive, was violently cut.


Over the course of the next few months, praise & worship music became a huge part of my healing process. On the days I couldn’t muster the words, I played worship music & spoke the words in my heart. In the moments where my heart ached so badly I could hardly bare it, I trusted in God’s sovereignty through the songs I sang.


About a year later, our precious daughter entered the world. As overjoyed & thankful as I was for our new beautiful addition, I began to feel like I was slowly being submerged in a sea of anxiety. I couldn’t sleep. When I was awake, fear & worry consumed me. Not only were we responsible for keeping this human alive, we were going to have to be parents too? The thought was overwhelming. Being sleep deprived & with barely enough time to shower every couple days, my quiet time with the Lord was definitely suffering.


I began The 30 Day Praise Challenge just a few weeks after my daughter was born. Knowing firsthand the power of praising God in any circumstance, I was thrilled about this book. Since my time & energy was limited, I loved that the book was structured in such a way that I could read through the devotion & then listen to the songs that were already provided. If I had more time on a certain day, I was able to incorporate other songs that were on my heart that week. As I praised Jesus regardless of how I felt & made worship music a part of my every day life again, I began to feel my burdens, my fears & anxiety lighten. The 30 Day Praise Challenge gave me the gift of reconnecting to my Savior in that intimate & powerful way. It is a gift I will always treasure & a habit I will continue to practice. I encourage you to take The 30 Day Praise Challenge too, no matter where you are in this season of your life. God promises to show up. That’s just who He is. He is faithful, He is in control & He loves you with a steadfast, unmovable, unshakable love.

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  1. Karen
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    This story is lovely. I love listening to praise music and singing adoration songs to my Lord. It definitely does help to ease anxiety. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Renee Altizer
    | Reply

    I know Heather personally and shared the same struggles becoming a new mommy shortly after she did. I have still to this day a longing to have my relationship with God back. It seems to have been lost in the everyday household and mommy duties. My marriage has suffered greatly for the lack of relationship with God and I know I have completely lost myself. Worship music has always been my “go to” in times of sorrow and grief. I need Gods word in my life again and to just praise who He is again because everything else suffers for it when He’s not present. As we celebrate my daughters first birthday this week I look back and can confidently say that was the HARDEST year of my life and a big reason was because God has not been in His rightful place in my life. I just pray we can find our way back to each other again…

  3. Bethany Lindgren
    | Reply

    Beautifully written, Heather! As you know, your story ministers to me deeply! I love you friend!

  4. Cynthia Clute
    | Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Lots of time we know but don’t take action. PTL

  5. Carol McLeod
    | Reply

    What a wonderful reminder that in times of deep pain the choice to worship will heal our deepest wounds. It’s so important to remember that we worship not because we “feel” like it but as an act of heartfelt obedience. Bless you, dear Heather. God has great things for you!

  6. Stacie Searcy
    | Reply

    Praise JESUS to Heather through her life. Praise JESUS for Becky and all her staff that made the book come together. It’s definitely a great book to read regardless of where you are in your walk with God. The more deep and intimate you get with our Heavenly Father the more deep your life and your walk becomes more like JESUS. The more we praise JESUS for whatever we are going through we need to always give praise. I surrender & die to myself to become more like JESUS. I think I will always have to do this daily. I have to be content with whatever season I am in. As I look at my life all I can say is is be a hot mess without JESUS. I’m surprised I’m as strong as I am. I give all the credit to the my one true god. I’m so happy and thankful each day for Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sons & taking on the whole world. God knows what’s best so praising, praying on our knees, and giving thanks to JESUS each and everyday is what I do. Without that spiritual warfare Knocks on my door. Thank you JESUS for saving me and my husband. I know have a life full if joy & happiness serving my abba father.

  7. Lora Hart
    | Reply

    Tender loving testimony, Heather. Thank you for the precious reminder of the Power in Praise. My heart and spirit have been so heavy with present overwhelming circumstances in my life that my spirit cries out feeling really alone not knowing where to turn. Your testimony reminds me that I may not know which way to turn, but I know to Whom I can turn. Going out to buy Becky’s book. I’m taking the challenge! I look forward to God’s moving in the next 30 Days!

  8. Deb Warren
    | Reply

    Music is the center to a healing heart of a mother who loses a child. Turning to Lord in praise and worship is the core to His healing your soul!
    My life verse: Romans 5:2-5
    Music – “With Hope” ~ Stephen Curtis Chapman

    • Marcia Beckner
      | Reply

      This has been a tool I have used in times of deep despair and depression. This book sounds so encouraging to me!

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