God's presence in unthinkable places

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But the Lord was with Joseph there, too

and granted Joseph favor with the chief jailer.”

Genesis 39:21 (NLV)

Sometimes our lives take an unexpected turn and we end up in unthinkable places and circumstances.  This is what happened to Joseph. You remember the story I’m sure; Joesph has this incredible dream where his brothers and father are all bowing down to him…..not very wise to tell his brothers…..but a dream and a promise from the Lord just the same.  I’m sure when Joseph was imagining how the promise might be fulfilled he never imagined he would end up in an Egyptian prison! I’m sure there were moments in prison when Joesph felt forgotten and like he must have imagined the promise God gave.   What a comfort to realize that even there, in prison, the Lord was with Joseph.   His presence hadn’t left.

One of the challenges we face in trusting God is that when life takes an unexpected turn and we find ourselves in our own personal “prison”, it’s hard to believe God’s presence is with us. But here’s the thing; Life will often take us to unexpected places and in those moments if we dare to trust God is indeed there – He will pour out His favor.

What is the unexpected you are facing today?  Do you feel as though God has forgotten His promise to you?   Will you dare to proclaim, by faith, “I trust you Lord.”  If you choose by faith to trust Him, His presence will envelope you in the most unthinkable circumstances.


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  1. Lynne
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    I have learned that when it seems that God is not working in my life, or He is silent, He is usually at work the hardest,
    and when I am totally surrendered, and He is totally # 1 in my life, I am at peace, no matter what the circumstances!

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