God, Give me a Heart to Join Jesus in His Search

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A week or so ago, Steve was out in our garage working on a project when a young dad came running through the cul-de-sac, urgently yelling the name of his son. He rushed up the driveway breathlessly shouting, “Have you seen my boy? He has special needs and doesn’t know where home is.” We’d never met this dad before, but we could only imagine the anxiety.

Steve jumped in one car and I in another, and we set out searching for the little lost boy wearing a blue shirt with shaggy brown hair and no shoes. For an hour and a half to two hours we searched the park area, the open space, and along every street in our development. We weren’t alone. The desperate plight of the boy’s dad rallied our neighbors to action. Some combed through backyards on foot. Others patrolled the roadways in their cars. People who didn’t know one another came together with a common quest and urgency. Our community was united in the cause of finding one lost boy.

I don’t know which neighbor ultimately found the child (it wasn’t Steve or I), but I can tell you that there was great relief and rejoicing when he was united with his dad. We really should have had a massive party when Nathan was found!

This search-and-rescue mission reminds me of the story of the lost sheep found in Luke 15:1-7 and the urgency Jesus feels to seek and save the lost. He relentlessly pursues your child who has wandered far from their faith. He persistently chases the relative you feel will never trust Jesus. And He passionately woos your heart and mine when we drift.

I don’t know about you, but that motivates me to want to join Him in His passionate pursuit of the lost. In your life, who is Jesus inviting you to help Him pursue? It might be your co-worker, your neighbor, your friend, your niece or nephew, your child, or your spouse. Ask God to give you HIS heart for the lost. Ask Him how you can best join in the search.

Lord Jesus, I praise you that you consistently pursue my heart and that you relentlessly seek those who are lost. Show me what it looks like this week to join you in the search for those who have either not yet found faith or for those who have wandered far from their faith.

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