Generosity in Times of Trouble Will Reap an Abundant Harvest

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This past week, I was reading in the book of 2 Corinthians about generosity: “But the one who sows from a generous spirit” (2 Corinthians 9:6 The Passion Translation).

As I’ve been meditating on that verse in all different translations, the point is clear. God calls us to generous living even when life feels dark. What is God speaking to us at this particular moment in our history?

When the COVID crisis has left many of us without jobs? 

When churches haven’t been able to gather for several months? 

When is God speaking when horrible injustice is done to a person because of their skin color?

My dear Friend Carol McLeod wrote in her blog this week, 

“If there ever has been a time to ask, 

“What would Jesus do?” … this is that time.”

I believe God is calling His church to new levels of generosity. Whenever we think of generosity, we seem to think in terms of money and finances. That’s only a piece of generous living.  I believe Jesus is calling His church to the generosity of whole life living and loving. I believe He’s calling us in a sense, to take the gospel out of our buildings and onto the streets. 

He’s calling us to be generous with our listening, with our learning, and with our loving.

Listening. Like you, I have felt overwhelmed by the racial inequality in our country. I’ve been so concerned and greatly disturbed by what I’ve witnessed on the news and I’ve wrestled with so many questions relative to how I can make a difference. I realize I can’t change the entire world but I can make a difference by asking my friends and neighbors of color, “How are you doing? How is all this making you feel? How are you coping? What can I do to help bring change?” 

After we ask, we need to generously listen. When you listen with generosity you’re not listening to fix or argue a point. You’re simply listening to understand and offer empathy. Racial diversity was God’s idea and no race is better than another in His eyes. All are cherished and loved.

Learning. I believe now is the time for followers of Jesus to put the effort into learning about how racism has impacted our Western culture. Educate yourself on racism and oppression in America. Read through the book of James. Take note of how God feels about discrimination. James 2:8-13 has some pretty tough words on favoritism, discrimination, and judging others. As the body of Christ, we can’t afford to nurture any feelings of racism. 

My friend, Carol McLeod is reading Native Son by Richard Wright in order to better understand. Another great book to read and learn from is Be the Bridge by Latasha Morrison. Friend, this is a critical time in history; seek the Lord and put the effort into aligning your heart with His. Learn all you can about how people of color feel. 

In Heaven, we will stand shoulder to shoulder and kneel, knee to knee before the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. 

Loving. Keep an open heart towards those who look different from you or vote different from you. God’s heart is for them! He calls you to be united with His heart for the world. That may feel inconvenient at times, but the call to follow Jesus was never meant to be an easy carefree journey. It is a call to die to our own life and preferences in favor of His life and preferences. 

May I encourage you? Open the conversation with those who are different from you. Generously listen, learn about, and love them. Use your resources to bless others and enrich their lives. Those who sow generously will reap an abundant harvest.   

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