Freedom From Performing: Grace In An Applause Driven World – Week 11

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Week  11

Say Thanks

Grace and gratitude belong together – like heaven and earth.

Graceevokes gratitude like the voice an echo.

Gratitude follows grace as thunder follows lightening.



Recently, I read Ann Voscamp’s book One Thousand Gifts.  In her book, Ann accepts the challenge from a friend to make a list of 1,000 things that she is thankful for. It was a
great reminder to cultivate gratitude. That’s the theme of this week’s study –
saying thanks!  I have found in my life that the more I say thanks, the less I feel the pressure to perform. God has given us an incredible gift – His grace. The more we say thanks, the more His Spirit helps us to internalize and live in the reality of His gift of grace.

Jesus’s story in Luke 7:36-50 illustrates this point.

The Parable of the Money Lender

If you haven’t already, read Luke 7:36-50.  Jesus tells this story while attending a
dinner party hosted by a prominent Pharisee named Simon.  As you read the passage imagine what it would have been invited to a party like this.  How
do you think the atmosphere of the party changed when the women entered the
room unexpectedly? What do you think Simon was thinking after Jesus told His
story and then asked, “Which of them will love Him more?” (verse 42)

So, just how thankful are you? The bottom line is that God’s extravagant grace calls for an exuberant response.

The grace glimpse taught in this parable is:

 Grace Glimpse

is the overflow of a grace-filled life.


On pages 205-209, I describe how gratitudetransforms us.

  • Gratitude soothes anxiety.
  • Gratitude quiets the urge to judge.
  • Gratitude increases your kindness factor.
  • Gratitude strengthens you to cope with stress.
  • Gratitude curbs the tendency to complain.
  • Gratitude opens our hearts to experience God’s grace more deeply.
  • Gratitude defeats the enemy.

For Next Week

  1. Read Chapter 11 in Freedom From Performing  and complete the Daily Dose of Grace.
  2. Write this week’s Grace Glimpse on an index card and tape it to your mirror. Every
    time you look at it remind yourself to give thanks.
  3. This week, start a thankful list. See if you can record 100 things you are thankful
    for by the end of the week.

Group Discussion – Answer one or more of the following questions and leave a comment.

  1. Look back over the list of ways that gratitude transforms us. Choose one and leave a
    comment describing how you have experienced this in your own life.
  2. In the story recorded in Luke 7:36-50 who do you relate to more, Simon or the
    sinful woman? Why?
  3. What was your favorite part of this chapter, and how did God use that in your life?








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