For all those who love their Pastor's wife!

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Recently, I was asked to respond to the suicide death of a Pastor’s wife in Texas. Because I am a Pastor’s wife, and have many friends who are pastor’s wives, the news of a fellow pastor’s wife taking her own life hit especially close to home.

Steve and I have been in Pastoral ministry for over thirty years so I have a huge heart for pastor’s wives. I know what it’s like to be voted in as “the assistant organist, even though I have no idea how to play the organ! I know what it’s like to have “hate mail” come to the house because people don’t like your husband’s vision. Steve and I have come a long way and we love the church family we serve. We know the joy of having a board of elders and wives who truly love us and support us. We know the joy of having a vibrant staff who loves God passionately and serves joyfully. But, as I write this I am aware that there are some pastor’s wives who are hurting and ready to give up. Ministry has felt exhausting. I would love for you to encourage your pastor’s wife this week. Would you tell her you love and appreciate her?

Also, check out the article I wrote for the Christian Post. I would love for you to leave a comment.

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