Focus on These 3 Reminders of God’s Love This Week

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Early this morning, I read through Psalm 136. It’s one of my favorites! Throughout the Psalm, the Psalmist writes the refrain, “His love endures forever.” As I have been mulling those words over in my mind, I think there are many of you who might just need that reminder.

In my own life, for many years, I knew in my head that God loved me. After all, the Bible says so! However, I couldn’t really feel His love. It was as if in my mind, God was under contractual agreement to love me, so He put up with me. All that changed for me as I walked through the valley of cancer. I decided to meditate and study the love of God and I began to praise God by faith that He loves me. What I experienced during that season was nothing short of miraculous!

Likely, in your life, you’ve experienced rejection. It’s possible for some of you that your spouse walked out the door saying, “I never really loved you.” Or you’ve had friends who simply ghosted you. Or your adult kids decided they no longer wanted a relationship with you. Rejection hurts like few other pains. However, I have good news for you!

God loves you so much that He longs for you. He aches for your love in return. When He asks us to love Him with all our heart, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30), He’s not approaching us as a demanding taskmaster. He is expressing the longing of His heart. It’s mind-boggling!

The God of the universe aches for a relationship with you and me. He is categorically and madly in love with you. This week, when you feel unlovable, focus on these 3 truths about God’s unfailing love for you:

He Calls You Precious and Honored (Isaiah 43:4). My husband Steve calls all of our adult daughters and granddaughters his “precious princesses.” Why? Because he wants them to feel treasured. That’s only a portion of what God feels for you! You are His precious princess or prince. You are highly treasured by Him. Take a few moments this week and meditate on Isaiah 43:4. Circle the words, “precious and honored.” Write it on your mirror and remind yourself, this is how God feels for you!

He Refers to You as His Friend (John 15:15). If you grew up with a  legalistic religious background, you might imagine God up there in heaven with a chart. When you serve Him, you received a gold star. When you mess up, you get a frowning face. Here’s what you need to know. God doesn’t want your service as much as He wants your friendship!  If you doubt that, spend some time reading the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15. The younger son, who has royally messed up, decides he will come home as a servant to his father. The Father, however, doesn’t want another servant. He wants his son! He wants his son to know he treasures and values him as a son and as his friend. That’s the way God feels about you.

He Sings Over You (Zephaniah 3:17). Crazy, huh? The God of the universe sings over you because He takes great delight in you. I adore my grandkids. Many times, whether for naps or bedtime, I have rocked and sung to them, helping to quiet them and fall asleep. God sings over you and quiets you with His love. Next time you feel frazzled or frantic, pause. Close your eyes and imagine God holding you close, quieting your stress and singing over you. If you pause long enough and get quiet enough, you might just hear His song. Maybe not in your ears, but definitely in your heart.

Friend, the world can be a pretty harsh place. Take a few intentional moments this week and focus on these 3 truths about God’s love. Throughout your day, pause and reflect on the fact that God loves you beyond what you can even imagine. Celebrate His love this week! It’s life-changing!

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