Fear Factor!

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Hey Friends,

Do you struggle with fear? If you have ever felt afraid or anxious, this blog post is for you. Click on the link below and develop a plan to conquer fear!~

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  1. Emily
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    Hi! I heard you on today’s family talk and am filled with thanks and praise to God because your message is so in tuned with what God has led me to do! Twenty days ago, God led me to begin to praise and thank Him everyday no matter what. It felt strange to do it at first, because at the time I was feeling sorry for myself because I have been struggling with anxiety and panic since childhood, and this was another day where I had felt like I lost control of my emotions, had a panic attack and felt utterly weak, and helpless to overcome my fears once and for all. Day by day, I have been “Turning my panic into praise!”- I love that phrase you came up with! Instead of being attacked by panic, I can plan to praise! Everyday I feel my focus and perspective shifting away from my inward fears, and I am really learning to see clearly who God is, and why I should be anxious for nothing. For Years and years I have been asking God how do I get rid of this anxiety or- why won’t you take this anxiety away? Now, I know he has given me a way of escape for every time I fall into the temptation to be fearful! God is amazing! I am so glad I found this site and so happy you shared your story Becky! I am greatly encouraged!
    God Bless you!

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