Faithlift For Broken Hearts

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Infertility is one of life’s greatest sorrows. Many friends I know have struggled with the inability to conceive. This was the plight of Hannah. (I Samuel 1:1-18) Every year she went to Shiloh to worship the Lord with her husband, Elkanah and his other wife, Peninnah. Sharing your hubby with another woman would be heartbreak enough, but on top of that Hannah was having great difficulty getting pregnant. Hannah wanted a baby more than anything, so in the temple on her knees, Hannah began to pour out her heart to the Lord. Her prayer was intense! Weeping as she prayed, she promised the Lord that if He gave her a child, she would give him to the Lord for His service. Now Eli the priest was watching her and because he couldn’t hear her words, accused her of being drunk! Unbelievable huh? As if she hadn’t suffered enough, she is misunderstood. However, even though her prayer was misunderstood by man it moved the heart of God and HE granted her request!

As I was reflecting on this story, a couple of thoughts struck me;

1. God hears when we pour out our hearts before Him. He hears and feels the deepest desires of our hearts. Does it feel as though God is not listening? Hang in there, He is listening and He will answer, though not always in the way we expect.
2. When people misunderstand us, we can turn to the only One who truly understands – God himself! Dare to praise Him by faith that He understands and cares about your broken heart!

When I feel brokenhearted I listen to Mandisa’s Broken Hallelujah Mandisa – Broken Hallelujah – YouTube

► 5:19
► 5:19
Mar 24, 2009 – Uploaded by impasse0124


When you feel broken hearted what music do you use to praise God? I’d love to hear form you!

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    When I am broken hearted I like to listen to Barlow Girl “I believe in love.” I really like to listen to this song because of several different reasons! The first reason is because I heard the story behind this song and it made me cry! A man who was held in a concentration camp wrote the words you here in the Chorus and it just makes the words even more powerful for me! The other reason is I can relate to feeling like I am in darkness and there doesn’t seem to be any light at times but I realize that my feelings don’t hold the truth that I have a loving Savior who is always by my
    side whether I fully feel Him there or not!
    Here is a link to the song with Lyrics!

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