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Last week I ran a post on my blog asking how you crossed the line from doubt to faith. I got some great answers! Thank you so much to those of you who participated. I said I would choose one comment and send that person a book. So the winner is Kay. Kay would you please email me your mailing address and I will send you a free copy of either Rewriting Your Emotional Script or Freedom From Performing.  Just let me know which one you want.  (

As I was getting ready to speak yesterday, the Lord reminded me of a hanging bridge that I recently crossed with my husband, Steve. To be honest, I felt terrified. I have hight fright!  I doubted the integrity and strength of the bridge. But, I stepped onto the bridge by faith.  When I reached the middle of the bridge, the wind began to blow and the bridge started to shake back and forth. The depth of my doubt at that moment did not diminish the strength of the bridge.

I realized, the bridge experience for me was a lot like my faith walk. Jesus Christ is the bridge to God the Father. When we receive HIs forgiveness and trust Him by faith we step onto the bridge.   But, often in our lives, storm winds blow and we feel the bridge is shaking. We might doubt God’s goodness, Christ’s forgiveness or simple His presence. The depth of our doubt at that moment does not diminish the strength of the bridge. The key is to take the next step by faith. Here are a few suggestions I have to help you find the courage to take the next step….these are just suggestions…they have worked for me:

1. Process your doubts with a trusted friend. Don’t keep your doubt a secret. It’s important to process and express our doubts with godly friends who won’t judge but who will support us in our journey of faith.

2. Remember how God has met you in the past. If He’s been faithful in the past, you can trust HIm to be faithful in the future.

3. Memorize a few (3-4) key emergency verses. When doubt hits, grab your emergency verses and rehearse them in your mind. Faith increases as we saturate our minds with scripture. (Romans 10:17)

4. Praise God by faith that He is good, loving, faithful and trustworthy. I have found that as I faithfully, praise Him, the Holy Spirit increases my faith.

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    Becky, was I the winner? LOL Just want to check as many times people spell my name without the “e” at the end. If not, congratulations to the other Kay!!

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