Establishing Rhythms of Prayer Even When Life Is Crazy

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We are often busy, hurried people. We have places to go, people to see, and appointments to keep.

The last few weeks of my life have been very full. I’ve traveled to Georgia, Arizona, and Upstate New York for speaking events. The schedule has been full and I have had so much fun meeting people and doing what I love to do. 

Your life is also full. Perhaps not with travel, but maybe with kids’ activities. As the school year winds down, there are special concerts, field day events, and graduation ceremonies. All the things…

Or maybe with deadlines at work…

In the midst of our wonderfully full lives, how do we establish and keep rhythms of prayer? 

Paul wrote, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18). Does this mean we are to stop all activities and live like monks? No. Paul is inviting us to carry on a continual conversation with the Lord. In other words, we are to stay connected to the Lord. In order to do this, we might need to reevaluate our concept of prayer.

Often we think of prayer as talking to God. Certainly, it includes that. However, in a conversation, you don’t just talk (At least I hope you don’t). You allow the other person to talk as well. In the most intimate relationships, you might just sit quietly together, enjoying each other’s company. That’s the type of intimate relationship Jesus wants with you. That might feel overwhelming to you, so what are some practices that might get you started? Here are just a few.

When you first wake up, praise God for His unfailing love. As you lay in bed at night and close your eyes to fall asleep, thank Him for His faithfulness through the day. That way you are opening and closing your day in prayer.

In the midst of your crazy schedule, pause. Be quiet for a minute and just thank God that He is with you. Be still for a moment and enjoy knowing that His presence is all around you. 

When you get in your car to drive, ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Imagine, if we asked the Holy Spirit to fill us every time we drove! Our driving might improve and our roads would likely be a lot more peaceful.

Use a prayer journal. I’ve been doing this since college and it is a wonderful habit. Write down different prayer requests and journal your feelings to God. It’s amazing to look back and see all the ways God has answered your prayers through the years. 

Pray the Lord’s Prayer every morning. This is a new rhythm for me. Ever since I wrote a study on the Lord’s Prayer, I’ve begun praying it every morning. It is a wonderful reminder and reordering of my life around what matters to God. As I slowly pray the Lord’s Prayer, I am reminded of what matters most to God. I am able to shape my life around His priorities as I receive the six invitations tucked in the Our Father study. 

Friend, enjoy your busy life. Savor the fun moments that make up your life. But, stay connected and learn the art of carrying on a conversation with God. Try one of these rhythms this week and let me know how it goes for you. 

For more on living a life of prayer, be sure to order your copy of Our Father. 

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    Finished the “Who Do You Say that I AM?” Bible Study and loved it!! You gave practical advice on combating Satan and the world. Worship God with Song and Memorize His World!

    Are you going to record video teaching with your other Bible Studies?

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