Enjoying His Presence

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“The Lord surrounds His people.”

Psalm 125:2

I’m a “people person.” I enjoy being with family and friends. But, even when I am with family and friends, there are moments of loneliness. What’s up with that? How is is possible to feel lonely in a crowd?

I have come to realize that feeling is a deep seated ache for God. Defining that ache as “loneliness for God” has helped me be more intentional in cultivating the awareness that God is near.  He surrounds me. He wants me to enjoy His presence. Sometimes, He may even orchestrate the circumstances of my life so that I walk through seasons of loneliness, when family or friends are not readily available, so that I learn to rely on and enjoy His presence more.  How do I cultivate an awareness of His presence in my life?

I have found that it helps me to carry on conversations with God through out the day. I may be driving to an appointment, doing laundry, cooking dinner or sitting with a friend, but at a deeper level I am talking with God. I am asking His Spirit to fill me, to give me wisdom, or to simply allow me to feel His nearness.

Learning to be intentional about praising God has also allowed me to feel His presence probably more than anything else. When we praise God, His Spirit allows us to feel His presence more. I use music and often get down on my knees, or I go for a praise walk, or I might whisper praise in the quiet recesses of my mind. No matter how you do it – praise unlocks your spirit to experience the presence of God more deeply.

Reading God’s Word has also allowed me to experience God’s presence. His Word is His love letter to me. I love a good love letter, don’t you? When I read it, I ask the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to what He wants me to see. I take my time. I pause and pray. I journal thoughts and ideas. I write out my prayers based on what I have read in His word. I underline verses. I put dates in the margins. By consistently doing this through many years, His Word has become precious to me.

We were designed to enjoy God’s presence. As you move into this new week – My challenge for you is to create the space to spend some time with God. Cultivate an awareness of His presence. Don’t run from the loneliness you feel. Don’t ignore it and hope it goes away. Let it prompt you to spend some time enjoying God’s company. And hey, I’d love to hear from you. I am wondering what you do to enjoy God’s presence?  Would you leave a comment? We can encourage each other. Your idea might be just the key that unlocks God’s presence for someone else. So please leave a thought!~

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    Your words are inspiring. I don’t feel God’s presence at times. Truth is, I am experiencing it right now. In spite of me praying hard, it seems like he is not around to comfort me. I know this isn’t right so I am browsing the internet now to seek advice as to what should I do to feel close to him and to not worry about problems. I want to listen to what other people say and I came across your blog. I am really lost now and I feel that there’s no one I can talk to. Thanks for your article.

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