Declare it – Believe it

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I have been studying the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50). You remember the story, Joseph was Daddy’s favorite and his sibs hated him because of the favoritism he enjoyed. Joseph had a couple of dreams which he foolishly shared with his brothers only to have them hate him all the more. So his brothers sold him into slavery. (And you thought your family was messed up?) As if that’s not bad enough Joseph ended up in prison for a crime he never committed. While he was there, sweating it out in a prison cell, an unexpected opportunity presented itself.  Would he interpret the dreams of Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker who are all in jai? It is at that exact spot in the story that these words of Joseph struck me, “I cannot do it…but God will.” (Genesis 41:16)

As I have been reflecting on those words this morning, I realize, so often I look at the opportunity before me and the first thought that pops into my head is, “I can’t do it!” The conversation in my head goes something like this, “God, you know me. you know I can’t do that…why are you calling me to do something that is beyond my ability?” Ah… Exactly. Most everything God calls me to do is way beyond my own ability but never beyond HIs ability.  The moment I change my focus to praise and declare boldly, “ I can’t do it, but God YOU can!” God begins to pour confidence into the fragile places of my self-doubting soul.

Think about the challenges before you. Maybe it’s a confrontation at work that you really don’t want to happen but you know it needs to happen. Or perhaps, it’s a decision you need to make on behalf of your child but you feel paralyzed. Maybe it’s stepping up to a new challenge in ministry but everything inside you is screaming, “I can’t!” It could be that God is calling you to pray with your neighbor and share Christ with her but your petrified. What if you changed your focus? What if you choose praise over panic? What if you declared triumphantly, “I cannot do it…but God, YOU can!” As you declare it you will be empowered to believe it!

Today, as I look at some challenges I am facing in my life, I’m going to practice this very principle. Want to join me?  Let me know your in. Leave a comment. I’ll be choosing two random people who comment and send you a free copy of either The 30 Day Praise Challenge or The 30 Day Praise Challenge For Parents as a thank you.



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  1. Anne Denner
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    You always seem to know just the right thing to say at the right time! Thank you Becky!

    • Becky Harling
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      Thanks, Anne!!

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