Day 16 – Countdown to the Release of The 30 Day Praise Challenge

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The winner of yesterday’s blog drawing is, Keri Penaherrera!!  Congratulations, Keri!  Please email me your mailing address and I’ll put your I-tunes gift card in the mail!~

Unexpected blessings is the topic for today. Had any lately? I sure have. Last week, I went to get in my car to drive to an appointment, only to discover I had a nail in my tire. Major bummer! So we took my car to Costco to have a new tire put on. The mechanics were divided about the best option because I have a Suburu and apparently, you are supposed to replace all four tires…..Second major bummer!  But, after considering, one mechanic said he would replace just the one tire if he could find one. Well, yesterday he called my husband so say there were not any of the tires we needed available. As my hubby braced himself for the financial bad news, the mechanic threw an unexpected surprise our way. Since they were unable to find the one tire, they were going to replace all four for the price of one!  What an unexpected financial blessing. I had praised God when the tire got the nail that He had a plan even though we couldn’t afford the tires. But, really hadn’t given it much further thought until yesterday!  That’s when it hit me, God often surprises us with completely unexpected blessings just because He loves us!  How cool is that? Often, we are so busy we might not even take a moment to thank and praise Him for those blessings.

Today, I’m going to give away another novel, in fact, I’m going to give away an entire series!~  I’ll be choosing one lucky winner and send them Two Crosses, Two Testaments and, Two Destinies all by Elizabeth Musser.

  So, tell me what unexpected blessing have you experienced recently?

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  1. Anna Holloway
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    Unexpected Blessing: God has changed my husband’s heart regarding having another baby. Last October, he told me our marriage would not survive another kid. Everyday since then, my son and I prayed for God to change his heart. And He did! The unexpected part is how free I felt and how much closer I felt towards my husband. I hadn’t realized how much anger and bitterness had built up since that October day when the decision was taken from me. I am now free from anger and bitterness and my husband and I are talking more. God is great!

  2. Natalie Wilson
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    My unexpected blessing is more for my son. He is 24 and just recently began the process of going back to school. When he graduated from high school he needed a break and really didn’t know what he wanted to do. At the time I was a single mom and was not able to prepare a college fund for either of my children. In January my son gave up a well paying job to be a Certified Nursing Assistant and will be studying to be an RN. The blessing is he is eligible for a grant this year. We didn’t think that would happen because of his past salary. But, since leaving that position in January he is earning much less. The Lord has provided in several different ways in order to make this professional change. And I am praising the Lord, that despite my circumstances, both of my children are being provided for and able to attend college.

  3. Regina Collier
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    I am laid off from my job so money is tight right now. I got up one morning & noticed it was hot in the house. When I tried to turn the a/c on, nothing happened. I called the repairman, expecting the worst. I was afraid the whole unit was broken. It was an unexpected blessing when the repairman told me it was a simple switch that had burned out. I thanked God that it was not more serious.

  4. Regina Collier
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    I just had another unexpected blessing. I just got a call from one of my job interviews. I start my new job Thursday! God is so good!

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