Day 11 – Countdown to The 30 Day Praise Challenge

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Congratulations to Laura McClave, yesterday’s winner!  Laura, please email me your mailing address and I’ll get your book in the mail!

I have been thinking about marriage a lot lately, probably because my youngest daughter just got married. God wants us to have strong and loving marriages and yet so often that is not the case.   Divorce has become so common.   I often hear people say, “But, I’m just not happy anymore.”  Really? Well, no offense, but who cares?  Your marriage was never a guarantee that you would be happy.  Our marriages are to be more about “holiness than happiness”.   God gave us the marriage relationship so that we might become more like Him – loving, giving and laying down our life for another.  In every marriage there will be conflict and unmet expectations. Those times give us opportunities for growth in holiness.It’s too easy to criticize our mates.

When I find myself, looking at Steve, thinking, “Why isn’t he more……?” Or, “Why doesn’t he do…….more?” I know it’s time to get my praise on.  I have learned when there is conflict in our marriage, (We’ve been married 34 years so we’ve had a few disagreements along the way:)  I need to get a lone with God, grab a pen and my journal, and make a list of reasons why I am thankful for Steve. Gratitude quiets my inner critic!

My question for you today is, why are you thankful for your spouse?  Let’s spend today praising God for our spouses.  I’ll be giving away the book, What’s it Like to be Married to Me?” by my dear friend, Linda Dillow.  So let’s get the comments rolling, friends!  Why are you thankful for your spouse?

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  1. Susan Washabaugh
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    I know won already, but love to answer and can share my winnings. I am thankful my husband provides for us willingly. He is a hard worker and committed to the Lord. He loves me and our children and is always striving to be a leader in our home.

  2. Sasha Hansen
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    I am thankful that I married someone who is so different from me. Our differing points of view challenge me and exasperate me! God uses them to make me a better, more holy person. When we come up against conflict, I ask myself “What does this tell me about how I approach life and how he sees this situation?” Then I have to ask myself “Why is he doing this?” I truly believe that he is the man that God gave me and he wants the very best for me. Sometimes his reasons for doing things amaze me, but I know they are backed by love. Next month we celebrate 25 years of marriage.

  3. Laura McClave
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    I am thankful for my spouse for so many reasons, but first off I am so thankful that he is a man of God, and that he puts God first. I am thankful that he supports his family and is always willing to help me out.

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