Countdown to Freedom – Where are your eyes focused?

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The Psalmist David wrote, “But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign Lord….” (Psalm 141:8) Reading this forced the question in me, “Where am I focusing?”

I realize that in my life, where I focus becomes pivotal to how much I live in bondage to performing. If I am focused on the expectations of others, I dance as fast as I can to please them. My fear of displeasing people puts me in bondage. If I am focused on deadlines, I push as hard as I can to finish them. My fear of failure puts me in chains. If I am focused on the gifts and abilities of others, I become competitive with them. My fear of not measuring up makes me a slave. It’s so easy to slip from living as a beloved daughter of Abba, to living as a slave. My focal point is pivotal!

If we are to live in the freedom that is rightfully ours, (Galatians 5:1) we must intentionally fix our focus on Christ and His desires for our lives. If we set my focus on Him – we are able to walk in the paths He has chosen for us. So how do we fix our focus? I have found it is a moment by moment re-setting. Rather than becoming anxious, I simply have learned to check in with myself and the Holy Spirit – when my focus is off – I whisper a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to be my vision. I remind myself that Abba, Father is madly in love with me and He longs for my eyes to be focused on His. When I look into His eyes they are sparkling with love for me – I don’t need to feel afraid or look away. Looking at His eyes, I am energized to be who He has called me to be!

Resetting a faulty focus only takes a second or two and the beauty is you can ask the Holy Spirit to be your vision at any time or in any place. Try it and see how it works for you.

I look forward to your comments. This week I’ll track all the comments and we’ll be giving away a prize on Saturday!~

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