Countdown to Freedom – Three More Days!

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Author, Brennan Manning writes this about performers, The performer “grows fearful when an underling swipes his baton, cyncial when feedback is nagative, paranoid when threatened, worried when anxious, fitful when challenged, and distraught when defeated.” (As Quoted from Abba’s Child.)

That’s a pretty potent description of us performers, huh? When we’re not sure of our true identity it’s easy to play the part of the fool by trying to prove ourselves to the world. On the other hand, when you know in your heart that you are Abba’s dearly loved child, you can rest in your belovedness and stop trying to prove you are somebody. (I John 3:1-2) As long as we live in this world, some are going to be unhappy with us, some are going to try to control us, some are going to be threatened by us, but as long as you know you are God’s beloved child – You can enjoy the freedom of security.

There is deep security in knowing that I have great worth and value simply because I am God’s child. I don’t have to prove anything – I possess all the significance I will ever need. Once I have internalized God’s grace, I become content to let Him be the star of the show. He takes center stage.

In what areas of life are you struggling to take center stage? What would it look like tomorrow, when someone tries to “swipe your baton,” for you to gracefully rest in the assurance that you’ve got nothing to prove – You are God’s beloved child? It’s not that you allow others to “walk all over you”. It’s that you decide not to allow others to control how you feel – In a sense, once you’ve internalized God’s grace – you take the remote control back!~

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