Countdown to Freedom – Just four days away!

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I’m sitting in a hotel in Indianapolis, getting ready to speak tomorrow. I’ll be speaking on the Father’s love from the parable of the prodigal. Remember that story? The Father has two kids, the older one is the rule follower, the younger is a rebel. (Luke 15) Sounds like an average family doesn’t it? But this family is far from average, not because of the kids, but because of the Father. The Father’s love is what is so extraordinary.

It’s a love that always pursues sinners. It is the Father who takes the shame of the son coming home – At first, the son wants to come home as a servant. But the Father doesn’t want him to come home as a servant – He wants him to come home as His son! In Middle Eastern culture, when a son left home and wasted the family inheritance He was cut off from the family clan. If he tried to return, teenage boys would line the path into the village and throw rocks and stones at the rebellious one. This is why it is so extraordinary that the Father, rather than standing back with arms folded waiting for the son to prove himself, runs to the rebellious son. By running to him, the Father takes the shame and punishent on Himself that rightfully was reserved for the younger son. Is it any wonder that the son responds to such love in authentic repentance?

What strikes me tonight about the story is that I am God’s beloved daughter no matter how well I perform! The question I have to ask myself often is, am I living as God’s beloved daughter, or as a slave? Tonight, I’m missing my family – I’m just going to sink into Abba’s deep, unchanging love as I go to sleep. What about you?

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