Countdown to Freedom From Performing – Day 26

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The Holy Spirit is vital to our freedom from performing! Jesus said to His followers, “The Spirit gives life!” (John 6:63) To be honest, for most of my Christian life I lived as if there was no Holy Spirit.

In the denomination in which I grew up we didn’t talk much about the Holy Spirit. I heard a lot about God the Father and a lot about God’s Son, Jesus…..but while we embraced the trinity no one spoke much about the Holy Spirit. It was as if we were uncomfortable with Him and not quite sure what to do with Him. We certainly didn’t want to be associated with those who spoke too much about the Holy Spirit we sort of wanted to keep Him contained. As a result, my christian walk became a rigorous self-improvement course; work harder to embrace the fruit of the Spirit, try harder to be good, and strive harder to be more disciplined.

Here’s the rub – we can’t find freedom without the Holy Spirit because we can’t become more like Christ without His Spirit. Jesus said when He went back to heaven that He would leave his Spirit to dwell in us. (John 14:16-17) If you read through the Gospels you will discover that Jesus never told any one to “try harder.” He invites us to simply cooperate with His Spirit – He is the agent of transformation.

So let me ask you. Are you living your life as if there were no Holy Spirit? Has your Christian walk become a rigorous self improvement course? If so it’s time to form an intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit inviting Him to live His life through you.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you’ve learned to allow the Holy Spirit to live His life through you.

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