Countdown to Freedom – A Delighted Lord

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As performers, we are at times tempted to believe that the Lord is delighted when we’re “the best” or, when we produce “the best.” Freedom comes when we realize that what truly delights the heart of God is the humility that understands we can’t accomplish things on our own. When we decide to “trust” His unfailing love that strengthens and empowers us, then the Father’s heart sings!

Psalm 147: 10-11 tells us that the Lord’s pleasure is “not in the strength of the horse” but that “the Lord, delights in those who fear him who put their hope in his unfailing love.” Jesus said something similar when He said, “Apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5) Hope is born when we recognize our weaknesses and rather than striving to overcome those weaknesses we jump into God’s strength and His unfailing love.

When my kids were tiny and learning to swim, they recognized that they could not swim in their own strength. So Steve or I, would stand in the water and encourage them to jump into our arms. This took a great amount of trust on their part but, when they looked into our eyes they could see that we were delighted with them and that’s what gave them courage. When they jumped we would praise them and our eyes reflected our sheer excitment and delight in the fact that they had taken a risk. The same is true in our spiritual walks. God is delighted when we recognize our inadequacy but take a risk and jump anyway, trusting He is there to catch us!

In what areas of your life are you feeling inadequate today? Don’t despise those inadequacies – instead try thanking God that you are insufficient to meet the needs of the day. Trust His strength and throw yourself with great abandon into His Almighty loving arms.

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