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  1. Bill Brydge
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    Ok, Becky, maybe for some wives they wouldn’t want a blender, but my wife would love the newest everything can do blender, because she loves to bake to create, whatever. But I will forgive you and your guess, because you both are sooooooooooooo sweet! Bill.

    • Becky
      | Reply

      Well, it’s more what your wife wants and not to buy it for her just so you can have cool drinks! Ha!!! But, I’ve come a long way in laying down my expectations and Steve has come a long way in gift buying! Ha!! Thanks so much for your comment, Bill!! blessings to you this Christmas!!

    • Julie Gorman
      | Reply

      LOL. Inside secret Bill, I actually want a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Ha ha ha! ~ Julie Gorman

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