Choose to Remember God’s Promises When Life Feels Uncertain

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I have a good memory, but because I am often juggling many different roles, I need reminders. How about you? I use all manner of different tools to make sure I remember the appointments and commitments I’ve made. I use a day timer, my phone, Siri, and sticky notes – all so that I stay focused. And I’m not alone! The Psalmists also needed reminders; not of things they had to do, but reminders of God’s promises to them. They didn’t have Siri or Alexa, but they wrote out reminders in their prayers. Psalm 119 is a beautiful example of this.

As I’ve been meditating this last week on Psalm 119, I have been struck with how many tools the Psalmist uses to remind Himself of God’s promises to him. He makes conscious choices to keep God’s promises and decrees at the forefront of his thinking.

He Memorizes Scripture. “I have hidden your word in my heart” (Psalm 119:11). Uncertain times fill our hearts with anxiety and fear. How much scripture you have hidden in your heart has a direct correlation to how steady your heart will remain as life shifts. I have found that during these uncertain days, I often remember scriptures I committed to memory years ago. The Holy Spirit takes those scriptures and reminds me that I can trust God. 

Friend, I know it seems “old school,” but honestly the more scripture you commit to memory, the more material the Holy Spirit has to work with in your thinking. 

He Passionately Pursues God’s Presence. “I have sought your face with all my heart” (Psalm 119:58). To be clear, God’s presence is with you. Unfortunately, some of us go through life never cultivating an awareness of God’s presence in our everyday moments. It’s as if we go through our lives sleepily knowing that God is there, but we don’t give Him a lot of thought. We live distracted lives. Uncertain days become a great catalyst to awaken our spirits to the presence of the living God. They raise our awareness that we need to spend more time focusing on God Himself! What is He saying through our current crisis? What does He want to do in our lives through the uncertainty of these days? You can only discover the answers to those questions by passionately pursuing Him. Spending time with Him, reading scripture, and listening for His voice. All of Psalm 119 points to the priority of the scriptures in the believer’s life. You simply can’t remember God’s promises without spending time in the scriptures.

He Praises God Regularly Through His Day. “Seven times a day I praise you” (Psalm 119:164). It’s so easy to get caught up in the details of life. Family and work obligations keep our minds hopping. What if you set an alarm on your phone so that seven times a day you would be reminded to praise God? Imagine how your attitude would change! I’m guessing you’d become more positive, steady, and secure even though life is shifting all around us. Why don’t you give it a try this week?

The great thing about these choices is that they are relatively easy. They are choices that both you and I can make to deepen our walk with God. They are choices that will keep your heart steady and strong even in this chaotic time. Know that as I write this, I am praying for you! 

Big News!

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