Faith continued

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Last week I ran a post on my blog asking how you crossed the line from doubt to faith. I got some great answers! Thank you so much to those of you who participated. I said I would choose one … Read More

Faith and Doubt

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Author John Ortberg writes that the skeptic is someone who says, “I’m going to suspend judgment. I’m not going to commit myself, because the demand for sufficient evidence has not yet been met.” I’ve been thinking a lot about doubt … Read More

When You Feel Disillusioned

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When the Passover feast came to an end, two of Jesus’ followers began to walk home. They were likely disillusioned as they left Jerusalem. They had put all their confidence in Jesus believing Him to be the “Messiah” but had … Read More

Jesus prayed for you before He died!

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Two years ago while traveling in Israel, I had the opportunity to visit the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus knelt before the Father in prayer (John 17)hours before He was tried and crucified. As I quietly stood in the garden, … Read More


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Ever feel inadequate? I sure do! Last night I was with a group of friends. The sharing was rich and deep as each of us came to the conclusion that we are inadequate for the tasks God has called us … Read More


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As I am celebrating Holy Week and journeying through through John 12-20, I have been thinking about the last supper Jesus had with His disciples. I’m guessing you know the story. Jesus – the King of Kings and Lord of … Read More

Holy Week

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This week is holy week, the last week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. While Christmas is huge in my books, Holy Week carries even more significance. It’s a week to remember and reflect on the sacrifice … Read More

The Winner Is…………….

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Hi Friends, the winner of the free book and the Starbucks gift card is Sandra Peters! I picked the winner very scientifically. I wrote the names on small sheets of paper turned them all upside down and then chose one!~ … Read More

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