Blessing those who hurt us

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After God finishes questioning Job, He confronts Job’s friends and tells them He is angry with them for speaking lies about Him. He calls them to bring a sacrifice of repentance and then asks Job to pray and bless his friends. (Job 42:8-9) I wonder if this felt difficult to Job?  I wonder if he felt like backing up from his friends? I sure would have, wouldn’t you?  When our friends betray or hurt us it’s easy to carry a grudge. What if instead we prayed a prayer of blessing over them?  Crazy thought. But, God was pleased when Job was willing to pray for his friends and God poured out blessing on Job.  In fact, God made the second half of Job’s life more fruitful and blessed than the first half.  (Job 42:12)

There will be many friends or supposed friends, who will hurt us along the way.  What if, we agreed with God to bless them instead of cursing them by holding a grudge against them?   We would definitely live freer lives!  A grudge puts you in bondage, not your friend!

This concludes our study of Job. I would love to hear from you. What stands out to you from the book of Job? What did you learn about God that was new for you? Leave a comment and I’ll choose one to send a free book.

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  1. Patti Mahaney
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    I was just reading Job in my devotions. I have read it so many times before but it speaks to you more when you are going through similiar situations. It is hard to love friends/relatives who have hurt you but I have found that praying for them helps. i have found that healthy boundaries help also but I feel God does not want me to completely cut them off because in a way then I would be just as bad as them. Isn’t it exciting that God’s word is still perfect for all of our needs.

  2. Connie Wennen
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    Becky, I am always blessed by your words and fresh perspective!

    Job inspires me when i’m going through tough stuff . . . especially verses like Job 13:15a “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him”, and Job 19:25a “I know that my Redeemer lives”.

    Thank You Father that it’s not about me, but about You!!!

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