Big News About Beyond Beautiful!

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Did you know that I’ve recently launched a podcast for women called Beyond Beautiful?

In case you’ve missed it, let me explain! Beyond Beautiful is a podcast inspiring a global movement of women who dare to dream and who reach beyond to be the voice and hands of Jesus in their world. You can listen to my podcast by subscribing in iTunes! Here’s the link:

If you have an iPhone, the podcast app is already on your phone; if not, you may have to download a podcast app. Either way, you can subscribe to my podcast inside the app, and you’ll receive an alert when a new podcast goes live. And, the best part is, you can listen to the podcast whenever it’s convenient for you!

In case you’ve missed them, here are some of the wonderful guests I’ve had so far:

Episode #1 is Lindy Conant. Lindy is a recording artist whose first album sold over 400,000 copies! Wow! The most amazing part about Lindy is her heart for Jesus. Her passion for college students is contagious!

Episode #2 is Pam Farrel. Pam is the author of over 45 books! Wowza! Who writes like that? Pam does! Pam and her husband Bill are on a new adventure living in a sail boat. You will not want to miss this exciting episode as Pam talks about moving beyond fear to embrace change and take a risk.

Episode #3 is Janet Perez Eckles. Janet is my amazing friend who lost her eye-sight at age 30 but often sees life more clearly than the rest of us. How did Janet raise three boys, survive infidelity in her marriage, and survive the murder of one of her sons? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Episode #4 is Sarah. Sarah is a military wife who has learned the secret to living beyond herself, even when her husband is deployed. If you know anyone in the military and want to know how to encourage their spouse, listen to this episode!

Friend, don’t forget to subscribe to Beyond Beautiful! I think you’re going to love it!! If you do, be sure to leave a review on iTunes—those are so helpful for getting the word out about these amazing women!!


Over the next few months, we’re giving away lots of prizes, so be sure to listen! And hey, I’d love to hear from you. If you listen, let me know at

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