Being Present in the Chaos of Christmas

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Christmas week can feel a touch overwhelming can’t it? You might be scrambling to get last minute gifts or, preparing food for company coming from out of town, all the while trying to keep up with work demands. When Christmas finally comes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the chaos.

Mary and Joseph had a bit of their own chaos. They didn’t rush to a Roman mall hunting for an ornament that said, “Baby’s first Christmas” for Jesus or try to scramble quickly to put up a tree but they did have to del with unexpected company – a troop of dirty shepherds who arrived soon after Mary delivered Jesus. I’m pretty sure Mary felt exhausted after giving birth in a stable without an epidural. Just when she was trying to get some rest, in comes a group of smelly shepherds who had seen a host of angels and were undoubtedly excited ad noisy because of what they had experienced. Scripture tells us that after they saw baby Jesus they were so excited they began telling everyone what they had seen. (Luke 2:17). Mary could have resented the intrusion. Who would have blamed her? But instead, she chose to “treasure” (Luke 2:17) the entirety of the experience. The word treasure that’s used in this scripture speaks to keeping something close to your heart in other words savoring the moment. That’s a great lesson for us.

This week, no matter how prepared you are or how unprepared you are for the holidays, make it a point to savor the moment. When your loved ones are opening gifts, stay present. Don’t zone out dreaming of next year. Simply savor. When the chaos of dinner erupts, pause and take in all the crazy wonderful! Create the space to spend a few quiet moments with Jesus and thank Him for entering our dirty, chaotic, violent world so that you might have a relationship with God the Father. That might mean getting up a few minutes before your family or grabbing a few minutes mid-day when others are distracted. In your moments with Jesus ponder – and consider the meaning. God became a infant so that you might become a child of God. It’s absolutely crazy and in many ways doesn’t make sense. I know you’ve heard it all before but treasure the truth of it all this Christmas. When you feel overwhelmed, pause. Breathe. Reflect. Savor. Jesus came for you.

Lord help me to be present this Christmas. Show me what it looks like to savor the moments with my family and friends but most of all show me how to be fully present to You!

Friends, I’d love to hear, how do you stay present in the chaos of Christmas? Leave a comment. Your comment could encourage another reader so don’t be shy! Share your thoughts.

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