Off My Back Porch

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Though the sun is rising in the East this morning, the bottom of the Mountains in the West is covered in foggy mist. The peaks of the mountains are in clear view but the bottom half of the mountains is … Read More

Pouring Out Praise

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In the afterglow of Easter, I am reflecting on the price of God’s grace. Jesus held nothing back when He went to the cross – He offered everything. Such extravagant grace calls for a response on my part. In reflecting … Read More

Preparing your Heart for Easter

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As we head into the most important holiday related to our faith, I have been thinking about how to best prepare our hearts. Experience has taught me that in the shuffle of family traditions the significance of Christ’s death and … Read More

A Prayer for Holy Confidence

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Confidence can be a challenging topic for believers. As Christ followers we want to lay aside everything that might be of self and live out of the power of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. The problem comes in discerning what … Read More

Did Jesus Sweat Drops of Blood?

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Recently, I have been asked, “Did Jesus sweat drops of blood?” I believe that the authors of the Bible wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and that what they wrote was without error in the original autographs. Verses … Read More

Staying afloat

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Recently, while visiting Israel I had the opportunity to sail on the Sea of Galilee. Our tour guide told us that when storms blew in, the waves on the Sea of Galilee could get as high as 14 feet! No … Read More

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