An Emergency Kit For Parents

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Parenting is a perilous journey, isn’t it? I mean there are so many unexpected twists and turns, highs and lows. Just this past weekend, one of my little grandsons ended up in the emergency room with a high fever and intense stomach pain. Earlier this week a friend confided to me that she felt ready to “give up” on her teenage son. The fights had become too intense and my friend felt too tired to continue. On the other hand, I spoke with parents who finally, after years of praying, watched their daughter finally face her addiction to alcohol and agree to find help.

In my own parenting journey, I found that anxiety was a continual battle. At times I felt I moved forward toward peace and confidence and at other moments I felt as though I was drowning in fear and doubt. My heart returned to this verse written by the Psalmist, David, “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13) Along the way, I learned that it helped me greatly to have a “Parenting Emergency Kit.” I’m not talking band aids and Tylenol. I’m talking about a kit to remind me that God was in control and that He was more than able to give me wisdom in the parenting journey.

So what goes in a parenting emergency kit? Here are a few suggestions:

• Five or six go to verses that you have memorized and written on index cards………..just in case you forget.
• Three or four praise songs reminding you of the power and presence of God………parenting can feel lonely at times.
• Two or three phone numbers of girlfriends who you can text, or call in an emergency who won’t judge you but will come alongside you in the journey……….and who are really good at praying!
• Contact information for at least one mentor…. A mother a little farther ahead in the journey who you respect who not only survived but thrived! When it feels like all is lost………….you need someone farther ahead to lean into!

If your struggling with anxiety or fear in your parenting journey today, here’s a great song to lift your spirits:


I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment. Share what’s in your parenting emergency kit. I’ll be choosing one or two comments and

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  1. Kim Ellingson
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    I find that I have to keep a sense of humor. If I don’t, I will simply break. I have to be able to lauygh even in the most difficult moments. I mean, gee, we (my son & I) WILL survive this? Right? God willing? We have to be able to laugh as much as we can to keep the darkness from overtaking us.

    • admin
      | Reply

      Kim, I love that you include a sense of humor in your emergency kit! That’s a great idea!!

    • Bonnie
      | Reply

      Thanks, Becky….I needed that. Our grown daughter and her little son are driving to NJ from our home in Virginia and I STILL tend to worry about her! She is a good driver but had a flat tire on the way down so made us aware that things can/do happen, even when we are praying! So thankful that the Lord is there with her!

  2. Marian Green
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    Yes! Anxiety and fear are definitely in my parenting DNA. My toolbox contains a keyboard and a computer screen. The more I write of God’s faithfulness, the more I remember all He has done on their behalf thus far. I tend to be introverted in conversation about children unless specifically asked, so perhaps I need to challenge myself to engage in talks more for the sake of encouraging myself and others. Thanks, Becky!

  3. Heather
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    I agree! Scripture has definitely been a saving factor on those long nights where I’m battling anxiety & self-doubt! Also having women who are experiencing or have experienced what I’m going through has been a huge relief to my heart & mind! It has changed my attitude & the way I parent. And I believe I’m a better mommy because of them! Their support has made the difference!!

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