A Simple Way to Have a Happy Week

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One of the easiest ways to have a happy week might surprise you. Often we think that happiness means gaining what we don’t have. We tell ourselves, “As soon as I find love, get a job, buy a house, or ___________, I’ll be happy.” But happiness doesn’t come wrapped up in the package of perfect circumstances.


The truth is happiness comes when we live generously. According to the Huffington Post, those who live generously, live happily. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/01/generosity-health_n_4323727.html Isn’t it interesting how science comes around to prove what God’s Word already teaches? Wise Solomon wrote, “A generous man (or woman) will be blessed” (Proverbs 22:9). In other words, those who give are happier!


I want a happy life, don’t you? As I’ve been thinking about this I’ve decided, I’m gonna make this a generous week!   Want to join me? Here are a few ways you can live generously even if you’re not wealthy:


Be generous with gratitude. Say thank you and show your appreciation for others. Spend some time thinking about your family and friends. Do they feel appreciated by you? Why not thank them generously this week? Write a thank you note, send a thank you text, post a thank you on their facebook wall, send them flowers or some other small gift. How you do it is irrelevant. Just do it. Challenge yourself, thank 3 people for something every day this week. I’m betting you’ll feel happier and they will too!



Be generous with your time. Doesn’t it always seem that we’re in a rush. Our plans feel so important. Stop and consider, “Am I generous with my time?” What does that look like for you? Here are just a few simple ways you can be generous with your time this week: Run an errand for your spouse or another family member without complaining. Stop and help an elderly person in the grocery store. Bring a meal to a new mom. Help out a co-worker. Take time to talk with a neighbor. Jesus was always generous with His time. Whether it was the woman at the well or the blind men by the side of the road, He offered His time.   This week, be available and be generous with your time.


Be generous with your money. The truth is, you probably have more money than 90% of the world’s population. The quickest way to cheer up a gloomy mood is to give some money away. Try it. It’s seriously a blast! I’ll never forget, several years ago I felt weighted down by difficulties. I was standing in line behind an elderly woman at a grocery store and felt the Holy Spirit say, “Becky, pay for her groceries.” I know enough to obey when I feel a prompting like that. So, I simply paid for all her groceries. It was so much fun to surprise her and I instantly felt a whole lot happier.


Friend, the truth is, if you want to have your happiest week yet – live generously! I’d love to hear from you. Which of these might you try this week? How have you found generous living increases your happiness? Lea

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  1. Brenda D. Flowers
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    Becky, what a timely message this is for me. I have been intentional in being more generous with gratitude of people in the community and family but realize today I still need to express more gratitude to my husband of 37 years and adult children. I plan on being intentional this week in thanking them for the little things they do. Also, I plan on being more generous with my time and money. I have a couple of friends who are widows and I plan on reaching out to them this week. I also will be sharing your blog with my writer’s group.
    Have a lovely week and thanks for your words of encouragement and challenge.

    • BeckyHarling
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      Thanks, Brenda! It is so fun to live life with a generous mindset – It just lifts our spirits and gives deeper meaning for life. I just love setting generous living as my goal. We can always grow into more generous living, huh? i’m trying to grow myself.Thanks for commenting! Becky

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