A Prayer for Holy Confidence

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Confidence can be a challenging topic for believers. As Christ followers we want to lay aside everything that might be of self and live out of the power of the indwelling Spirit of Christ. The problem comes in discerning what is of self and what is of the Spirit? To further complicate the matter, where do our God given personality and passion, play out as far as confidence is concerned?

In my life, I have often grown confused where confidence is concerned. Somewhat fearful by nature, I have longed for more boldness. I have just finished reading the book of Joshua in my personal quiet time. While reading, it struck me how many times God instructs Joshua to “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged.” In the New Testament, when the apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit one of the marks was a new spirit of boldness – a “holy audacity”! Fear will always feel tempting to me. The problem is that fear holds me back from becoming all God calls me to be. Instead, God invites me every day, to either accept the challenges He offers or, to cower in fear and walk away from those challenges.

So, if I am going to choose faith over fear what does that look like?For me, I am learning to daily put on the armor of God. There have been many great examples written of what it looks like to prayerfully put on the armor of God. But I needed to write one for myself, (borrowing phrases from others) so that when fear threatens to hold me back I can confidently move forward. So this has become my prayer for holy confidence:

“Lord Jesus, today I put on the belt of truth. Help me to only allow truth to be written on my emotional script. Father, every time the old lies resurface – help me to reject them!

Empower me today to see clearly and to discern the motives of others, especially when making decisions about what to accept and what to reject. Let me embrace truth as revealed in your Word today in every area of my life.

Lord, today I put on the breastplate of your righteousness. I thank you that my righteousness comes from you. I take off the garments of shame and confidently stand today clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

When Satan hurls his lies at me I will remind myself that I have put on the breastplate of your righteousness. Help me today to receive into my life only what is pure and holy.

Father, I put on the shoes of peace. Help me this day to stand firmly in your peace as I bring your message of peace to others. Show me this day how to let the peace of Christ be the “ruler” of my mind and heart.

Today precious Jesus, I pick up the shield of faith. Honestly Lord, more often than not, I am a coward!

Today Lord Jesus, I will choose to boldly pick up the shield of faith every time I am tempted by fear. Empower me to stand firmly, holding the shield of faith, every time Satan sends his darts of fear and discouragement my way.

Savior, today I put the helmet of salvation over my mind. My mind belongs to you. It has been bought at a high price – it cost you your life. You shed your blood so that I might be redeemed. Guard my heart and mind today. Let me have the mind of Jesus Christ in all that I do.

Holy One, today I pick up the sword of your Spirit. Your word is sharper than any two edged sword. Bring to my remembrance scriptures I have committed to memory.

Help me this day to saturate my mind in scripture so that I might confidently raise my sword. (Ephesians 6:13-17)

Lord Jesus, I want my identity to be rooted firmly in you. You love me and call me your child. This day, I walk forth confidently clothed with the armor of God to embrace all that you call me to.

I praise you that the one who calls me is faithful and He will do it! (I Thessalonians 5:24)”

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    Awesome prayer… Perfect by the power of your Holy Spirit… Be bless sister in all you do….

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