5 Word Pictures to Use in Your Personal Praise Time

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Psalm 144 is one of my favorites to use in my personal time of worship. It’s loaded with good stuff! As I’ve been studying this Psalm, I’ve been delighted to see how the Psalmist makes his praise so personal. I want to echo that in my own time with God.

In your time of praising God every day, here are some phrases to use that will bring life to your worship. You’ll notice that each of these phrases begin with the word “My.” That’s not because the Psalmist is being self-centered. It’s because he wants to bring God close. I believe he is showing us a pattern that we can follow in our own time with God.

My Rock (Psalm 144:1). The Psalmist begins by writing, “Praise be to the Lord my rock.” We are often tempted to feel that God is distant – sort of untouchable. The Psalmist shows us a secret to experiencing deeper intimacy with God.When I think of rocks, I think of the beauty of the huge boulders in the garden of the gods in Colorado Springs. In case you’ve never been there, the boulders are a reddish color, and they tower into the sky creating a magnificent scene of beauty. People come from all over the world to hike and drive through the garden of the gods. In their majesty, they remind me that God is my rock. He is the Magnificent One that is strong and mighty, the One to whom I can cling.

Psalm 144:2

My Loving God (Psalm 144:2).  When life treats you unfairly, the enemy tried to convince you that God doesn’t love you. Here’s the thing – Satan is a liar. God is good and He is loving. His heart beats for you. He longs for you. He delights in you. He takes joy in you. His every thought about you is loving. When you praise Him saying, “I praise You that You are my loving God,” the Holy Spirit strengthens your faith and confidence in His love.

My Fortress (Psalm 144:2). A fortress was military stronghold that protected whoever was inside. It was well equipped to handle attacks from the enemy. God is your fortress. The enemy doesn’t stand a chance against our God. He has already won the victory on your behalf. So praise Him that He is your fortress!

My Deliverer (Psalm 144:2). As your deliverer, God delivers you from evil. He delivers you from sin and shame, from fear and anxiety, and from loneliness and being unloved. Think back on your life. What has God delivered you from specifically? Then praise God for being your deliverer.

My Shield (Psalm 144:2). This reminds me of the armor of God mentioned in Ephesians 6:16. The Apostle Paul reminds us to take up the shield of faith. It’s not our faith that shields our minds – it’s His faithfulness that guards and keeps us. As you praise Him for being your shield, remind yourself of all the times He’s been faithful.

Friend, I wholeheartedly believe that praising God has the power to strengthen our faith and increase our experience of His presence. Try using these 5 word pictures in your praise time this week. Circle each of them in your Bible and return to them often.

Where’s Becky?

I will be speaking at First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs this Tuesday, April 30 at 9:30 a.m.

Later in the week, Steve and I will be hosting our board and their wives as we have board meetings this week for Reach Beyond.

How You Can Pray:

Please pray for me Tuesday as I speak on praising Jesus Christ as The Living One. Pray that I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and that lives would be changed.

Please pray as we have board meetings this week – for wisdom and for the mind of Christ in all we do at Reach Beyond. Please pray for doors to open for speaking in 2020.

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