5 Scriptures for When Your Soul Needs a Lift of Joy

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Labor Day weekend in Colorado Springs is amazingly fun! There’s an airshow with “jumpers” from the Air Force. We have the Labor Day Lift Off where thousands of hot air balloons fill the sky. It is truly an amazing sight to see all the different colors brighten the sky. 

As I was watching some of the balloons early this morning against the blue sky with the backdrop of the mountains, I thought to myself, so many right now need their spirits lifted. Maybe that’s you. Perhaps life has been a bit challenging and you’ve faced unforeseen difficulties. Let me reassure you. 

All of us have had those moments. When I have them, I know I need to return to some key verses that remind me of the joy that is mine. As I speak these scriptures out loud and pray them over my mind and heart, I find that joy returns. 

5 Scriptures to Remind You of Joy and Lift Your Spirits

Nehemiah 8:10 – “The joy of the LORD is my strength.” I love this scripture and have clung to it many times throughout my life. The Hebrew word used here for strength is interesting because it implies a place of safety and protection so that you are strengthened to prevail. The word for joy used here means gladness. The Lord Himself is our place of safety and strengthening and in Him we are glad. Lord Jesus, I claim this scripture over my life. You are my strength and my joy. Help me to completely lock in on your presence today and there find the joy and strengthening that my soul needs. 

Psalm 16:11 – “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” It’s not the presence of perfect circumstances that brings joy. It’s the presence of Christ. Lord Jesus, I praise You that in your presence is fullness of joy. I praise You that eternal pleasures are at your right hand. Help me today, to cultivate an awareness of Your presence. Remind me as I go through my day that You Yourself are my source of never-ending joy. 

John 16:24 – “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” What a promise! Jesus invites us to ask Him for what we need and in our asking He fills us with joy. Note that it’s not the thing that we want that brings joy, it’s the conversation in prayer with God that fills our hearts with joy. Lord Jesus, thank You for inviting me to ask boldly for what I need. Help me never to confuse the source of joy imagining that the thing I want will bring me joy. It’s actually You and conversing with You that fills my heart with joy. Help me today to nurture my connection with You through prayer. 

John 17:13 – “So that they might have the full measure of my joy.” How amazing! Jesus hours before He would be crucified prayed that we would have the full measure of His joy! Lord Jesus, I praise You! Thank You that You continually intercede, that I would have the full measure of Your joy! 

Philippians 4:4 – “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” The idea here is to find joy in the Lord and in spending time with Him. Learn to delight yourself in the Lord. Discover the sheer pleasure of spending time with Him. Lord Jesus, I find joy in You and I praise You this day for your amazing presence in my life. Thank You that the deepest place of joy will always be found in You!

Friend, if you’re struggling to experience the full measure of the joy Christ promised, why don’t you print out these verses and start praying them over your life? The Holy Spirit will use the words to lift your spirit. 

Here’s another question for you to help me out as I write Cultivating Deeper Connection in a Lonely World. How has taking offense contributed to your feelings of loneliness? (No one else is reading your answers except me). 

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