5 Reasons You Can Enter 2024 With Courage and Confidence

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Cue the confetti! Happy New Year, Friends!

I have to admit, I just love New Year’s Day! The idea of a fresh start, a clean sheet, a new chapter, excites me. But, for some, the New Year holds fear and uncertainty. That’s understandable. I mean, one look at the evening news can throw anyone into an anxious state. However, I believe God is calling us to enter the new year with courage and confidence.

I always read through the book of Isaiah to prepare my heart for the new year. As I have been dwelling there the past few days, I have been encouraged by the promises that God has given us. My prayer for you is that your heart also will be encouraged and your faith strengthened as we step into this new year.

5 Reasons You Can Enter 2024 With Courage and Confidence

God Has Called You By Name (Isaiah 43:1). Don’t you just love that? He knows you.  He is aware of everything going on in your life; every fear, every concern, every doubt. He knows it all! Each of us longs to feel known, and we have that in God. He knows us completely.

God Will Be With You Through Every Challenge You Encounter (Isaiah 43:2). No matter what you encounter this upcoming year, whether a health-related crisis, financial crisis, natural disaster, or war, God’s presence will be with you. You are never alone!

God’s Nature Will Not Change (Isaiah 43:3). God reminds us that He is the LORD our God. He is the same God who parted the Red Sea in the Old Testament, and the same God who healed the blind and the lame in the New Testament. He hasn’t lost His power and He hasn’t changed his character. He is still good, faithful, and holy. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

God Loves You (Isaiah 43:4). I know. You’ve heard that before. But, what if this year, you really let it sink in? What if in 2024, every morning when you wake up, you pause and pray, “Thank You, Lord, that you love me completely!”? Here’s the thing: God doesn’t just put up with you, He’s wild about you. He calls you precious and honored. The world may view you as unworthwhile, but not God. You are treasured in His eyes. 

God Forgives You (Isaiah 43:25). It’s easy to get trapped in our mistakes. We feel bad and wallow in shame. However, that is not God’s will for you! He wants you to know that He has taken away all your transgressions. You don’t have to enter the new year afraid. You can stand tall with confidence because you are forgiven. 

Friend, no matter what 2024 brings, you can step in confidently and courageously. God has called you by name. He will be with you, He never changes, He loves you completely, and He forgives you categorically! Happy New Year!

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