5: How to Survive as a Military Spouse

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Military families face unique challenges that Megan Brown helps us understand in this episode. Listen in to understand how military families can stay connected . . . and how non-military friends can love and care for families who serve. 


Megan Brown is a seasoned military spouse, mother of four, and military missionary. She is the Founder and Executive Director of MilSpo Co.– a 501c3 Christian ministry dedicated to recruiting, raising up, and releasing active-duty spouses as paid and prepared vocational missionaries. Megan is the 2019 Robins Air Force Base AFI Military Spouse of the Year and is passionate about sharing Jesus in and alongside of the local church.

Connect with Megan:
Website: www.meganbbrown.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/megbrownwrites
Instagram: @megbrownwrites

Check out her book:
Summoned: Answering a Call to the Impossible

Pre-order her new book (releases March 2023):
Know What You Signed Up For: How to Follow Jesus, Love People, and Live on Mission as a Military Spouse

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