5 Great Prayers You Can Pray For Your Kids

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Praying God’s Word is one of the greatest gifts you can give your kids, whether they’re toddlers, teens or adults. I’ve seen extraordinary changes in my kids’ lives as I’ve faithfully claimed scripture over them.  No matter how old your kids are, here are five scriptural prayers that you can begin praying for your kids today! Wherever there is a blank, simply insert your child’s name. I know and have seen first hand how God honors the prayers of those who pray scripture. So try it. What have you got to lose?


I’d also like to encourage you to write some of your own prayers using scripture. If you use a certain scripture to pray for one of your kids, put a date in your Bible next to that verse with your child’s name. Later, you’ll be able to go back to those scriptures and see how God answered your prayers.


Lord, I pray that ___________________will be strengthened with power through the Holy Spirit, so that Christ will dwell in His heart through faith. I pray that ______________________ will be rooted and grounded in love so that he might have the ability to understand how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ. And I pray that he would experience this love so deeply that he will be filled with a deep understanding of God. I praise You that You are able to do immeasurably more than all ___________________________ asks or thinks according to your power that is at work in Him. (Ephesians 3:16-20)


Holy One, I pray that you would give________________________ a deep love for the Bible and that she would grow in her ability to meditate on and be obedient to Your word.   I pray that You will make______________________________ strong and courageous. Help her not to be discouraged or afraid. Give her a deep sense of your abiding presence. I praise You, that You are with her wherever she goes. (Joshua 1:8-9)


Lord Jesus, thank You that You continually pursue my child’s heart. Holy Spirit, I pray that You would prompt him to press into Jesus and that no sense of guilt or shame would keep him away from You. Help ______________________________ to understand that because of Your death every sin can be cleansed. He doesn’t ever need to withdraw from You because He feels guilty. He can simply come and receive your forgiveness. (Hebrews 10:22-23)


Father God, You understand the challenges that ______________________________ is facing. I pray that You would pour perseverance into her heart. In the moments when she feels like quitting, teach her to press into you for renewed strength. (2 Thessalonians 3:5)


Lord God, I am asking to you to fill ______________________________ with the knowledge of your will. Give him spiritual wisdom and discernment so that he can live a life consistent with your will, pleasing you in every way and bearing lots of fruit. Father, help him to continue growing in his faith so that he is strengthened for every challenge he’ll face in the future. Help him to have great endurance and patience when he walks through hard times. I praise You in advance for how You will use those times in his life to shape him for Your glory. Holy Spirit, fill him with your joy today and give him a heart of gratitude. (Colossians 1:9-11)


Leave a comment today. What scripture have you claimed over your child’s life?

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  1. kyle morris
    | Reply

    Great stuff Becky!

    • BeckyHarling
      | Reply

      Thanks, Kyle!

  2. Bonnie Rencher
    | Reply

    Great ideas to pray for our grandchildren, too! 🙂

    • BeckyHarling
      | Reply

      I agree, Bonnie!!!!

  3. Sandra Peters
    | Reply

    Appreciate these reminders to still pray for my children even though they are now adults. And a wonderful carryover to also pray for my grandchildren as well. Prayers are a lifetime gift that we are able to give to our children and grandchildren each day.

    • BeckyHarling
      | Reply

      Thanks, Sandra!!

  4. Lisa Freyschlag
    | Reply

    Yay! This is the beautiful pattern of a “Moms in Prayer” hour…..intentionally praying Scripture over your children: God’s word is His will. http://www.momsinprayer.org
    I love all that you teach us, Becky!

  5. Sasha
    | Reply

    Just printed these prayers out. Going to put one on the fridge, one in the car, one on my mirror, etc. Great reminders to pray truth for our kids!

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