4 Worship Songs to Breathe New Life into Your Praise Journey

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Early this morning, I read these words from the Psalmist, David, “The LORD reigns forever; he has established his throne for judgment. He rules the world in righteousness and judges the people with equity. The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble” (Psalm 9:7-9). I was reminded that no matter how wonky our world gets, Jesus rules over all. When you choose to praise and exalt Him as the LORD of all, He quiets your heart and brings your will into alignment with His.

As you praise and exalt God, there is a shift in your focus, from your own troubles and worries to God’s sovereign power and plan. Author Andrew Murray puts it this way, “If we dwell upon our own needs and desires, our own efforts and our own faith, we shall soon find that there is no real power in our prayers.” As we adore and worship Him, our wills are brought into alignment with His and we find that our prayer life becomes more powerful – not because of us, but because we are worshipping and praying in accordance with His will.

As I was thinking about all this, I thought for this week’s blog I would share 4 worship songs that I have been listening to early in the morning to prompt my praise and start my day. I use worship songs to start my day because they quiet my heart and help me focus my praise. As I allow the music to prompt my praise, my will gradually shifts to surrender and align with His will. My worries and fears are quieted and soothed as His presence envelops me.

Here are four new worship songs that have been released in the past month or so. My prayer is that they will bless you and encourage your praise journey.

4 New Worship Songs

Crown of Heaven – Sung by Natalie Grant. I first heard this song as I was traveling and sensing some darkness around me. Early the next morning, I got on my knees and listened as I began my praise time. Oh, what an amazing reminder that Jesus is LORD over all and He deserves our highest praise.  He’s already won the victory friend! When you feel worried about all that’s going on around you, take a few moments and allow Natalie Grant to lead you into the highest praise of Jesus as our victor! I guarantee you’ll feel encouraged!

Lord of It All – Sung by Maggie Reed. This song is a beautiful reminder that our posture is to be surrender. A large part of our worship and praise journey is bowing our will to His. In this beautiful song, we are reminded to praise, “Your Kingdom come, YOUR will be done.” Only when we surrender are we able to fully relax in Jesus.

Age to Age – Sung by Mia Fields. This beautiful song reminds us that there is a continual chorus of praise echoing around the earth and in heaven as well. As you praise Jesus that His is the name above all names, your fears will be quieted and your anxiety tamed.

War Cry – Henry Seely. I love this song because it is a reminder that our war cry in the battle is praise. This song is rooted in Psalm 24 and I love the reminder that the King of Glory comes to fight our battles. The victory is His. The weapons of our warfare are always Scripture (the Word of God) and praise. This powerful song combines both. Next time you feel pressure coming at you from the enemy, listen to this song and allow it to prompt your praise.

Friend, learning to use worship music to prompt my praise was huge in my spiritual journey. Try it this week. Start your day on your knees (if you are physically able) and listen to one of these songs. Allow the music to prompt your praise and allow the Holy Spirit to bring your will into perfect union with His. I guarantee it will be life-changing for you because the truth is, you were designed to worship God!

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