3 Ways to Soak in God’s Love This Summer

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Summer is here, and I gotta say—it’s my favorite season! I love the longer days, warmer weather, and outdoor activities like campfires, s’mores, hiking, the zoo, and beach time!

Summer also represents rest and relaxation for me. Our travel schedule lightens up, and I enjoy a bit more time at home. As part of my resting season, I focus on and nestle down in God’s love. In Psalm 48:9 the Psalmist writes, “We meditate on your unfailing love.” As I sink into His unfailing love, my body, soul, and spirit are refreshed. Now that may sound ethereal to you, and you might be wondering, “What exactly does that look like, Becky?”

Today I’m going to share the ways I sink into God’s love. You can try them for yourself, or you might have ideas that work better for you! Either way, here’s what I know: if you want to be refreshed and revived this summer, you can’t beat focusing on God’s great love for you. The truth is, nothing compares! Here’s how I do this:

3 Ways I Soak in God’s Love During The Summer

I choose one passage of Scripture and make it my focus for an extended time. Most days of the year,I begin each day with worship music, then a Psalm, and then several chapters of another part of Scripture. But during the summer I often choose one passage and stay there all summer. One summer I chose John 15. I memorized parts of it. I underlined and circled key phrases in my Bible. I focused on Jesus being my friend and the intimacy of abiding in Him. This summer I’m focused on Colossians 3. I’m fixing my mind how God’s deep love for me resurrects me and raises me to new life—new thought patterns, new passions, and new purpose (Colossians 3:1-3). I’m meditating on the fact that I am chosen, holy and dearly loved (Colossians 3:12). His love overwhelms and transforms me.

One practical way to do this is to type out the passage in double space format. Grab some colored pencils and a highlighter. As you read and meditate on the passage, circle key phrases. Underline significant truths that speak to you. Highlight words that you feel speak God’s love to you. Have fun with God’s word. Don’t stress. Just rest in it and allow it to remind you of how deeply He loves you.

I create space for beauty. What do I mean? One of the ways I feel God’s love most personally is through beauty. Beauty refreshes my tired soul. In light of that, here are a few ways I seek beauty. I often buy flowers in the summer and keep them in my kitchen. As I look at the beauty reflected in the flowers, I thank God that He created such a beautiful, colorful world. Steve and I make sure we get to the beach each summer. As the waves crash in and I feel the sand in my toes, I sit for a few moments and quietly praise God for the magnificence of His creation.

I also explore art as a way to experience God’s love. I’m a “Creative” by nature. That means that no only do I download lots of music on my phone, but I also explore other elements of creativity. This summer, both Steve and I have picked up our watercolor paints. Back in the day, we both used to paint, and we decided this summer to have fun exploring that again. As I create and enjoy quiet moments of paint on paper, I feel the presence of Jesus close by. I simply whisper, “Thank you, Jesus, for these quiet, creative moments with you.”

You might not be a “creative” by nature, but you can still create space for beauty. Take a hike, walk the beach, or simply gaze at the mountains. Praise God that beauty is an expression of His love for you! Isn’t He good to give us such a beautiful world with so many colors?

I allow myself to sleep when I’m tried. How does that help me experience God’s love? Rest reminds me that I can simply sink into His love and give every care to Him. I don’t have to stay awake to solve world problems. I don’t have to anxiously plan how I will accomplish all that I’ve committed to, I simply sink into His love and praise Him that He has tomorrow in His hands and I don’t need to worry. His love is enough!

Where’s Becky? 

I am home this week, writing and hanging out with family.

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