3 Questions to Help You Create Your Summer Bucket List

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Our little granddaughter, Melody, had to create a summer bucket list on the last day of her pre-school. The teacher had created a paper in the shape of a bucket with lines for the kids to say what they wanted to do this summer. Some of the things on Melody’s bucket list were: play in the sun, go to the beach, go for ice-cream…. The list was adorable. As I was reading her list, I was reflecting on how summer is a season for rest and renewal. 

I know some of you have kids home from school and you are thinking, “There will be no rest for me as a Mom!” While it might be more challenging to find rest, with a little planning, rest is possible. 

How do we find rest and renewal in the summer? We create a summer bucket list. Your bucket list can include things like intentional time to invest in key relationships, an intentional plan to spend some time with Jesus, maybe a conference to invest in personal growth, and a planned vacation to relax and enjoy your family. 

If you’ve never created a Summer Bucket List here are a few questions to consider as you start. You’ll notice they are all shaped around the idea of connection because connecting is God’s desire for us. He wants you to live a life of deep connection and community, and summer is a great time to start. 

3 Questions to Help You Create Your Summer Bucket List

How Will I Connect with God this Summer? Summer is a great season to grow a deeper connection with God. One of the things I like to do during the summer is ro take 1 or 2 passages of scripture and just do a deep dive into that passage. Rather than reading a bunch of scriptures per day, I slow it down and dive deeper. One summer, I spent the entire season in John 15. I felt so deeply connected to Christ by the end of the summer, and I loved dwelling on what it looked like to abide each day. Another summer, I spent my time in Psalm 84 considering the dwelling place of the Lord. 

How Will I Connect with Family and Friends this Summer? Maybe you will take a family vacation this summer. When Steve and I were raising our kids, we had the best spiritual conversations on vacation because everyone was a bit more relaxed. We did all the fun things, too, like beach time and hiking and things like that, but we often had great conversations around the dinner table or campfire at night. Use your vacation to rest and relax, but also to deepen your connection with your family. 

You will also want to put time with your friends on your bucket list this summer. Schedule a lunch or dinner with your friends, or take a weekend away to have a Girlfriend Gathering. Time with friends to reflect on the goodness of God is invaluable. So, be intentional.

How Will I Connect With Myself? Too often we forget to ask ourselves this question, but as a result, we lose our sense of purpose and calling. Take some time this summer to reflect. Ask yourself, how are you doing emotionally? Are you grieving? Are you wrestling with anxiety? Are you excited? When we take the time to listen to what’s rumbling around in our souls, we are more equipped to bring everything to the Lord and to live out His will for our lives. We are also more equipped to connect with others in loving, healthy ways. So, create the space this summer to reconnect with what’s going on in your soul. 

Big News!

Coming in September… Cultivating Deeper Connections In A Lonely World. This book is so critical for such a time as this when loneliness is at an all time high? It answers the question, How do we move beyond our loneliness? Please join me in praying that many lives will be changed through this important message.

This Week on The Connected Mom Podcast…We are talking about all things enneagram with author Beth McCord, who will provide not only a biblical framework for the Enneagram but also show you how to connect with your kids who have a different personality than you! You don’t want to miss this one as it is a phenomenal conversation!

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