3 Psalms to Turn to When You Feel Afraid.

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I was with my youngest daughter last week when I heard the news of the shooting in Texas. Both Keri and I were heartbroken. The situation felt so dark. Since then I’ve heard from several who are struggling with fear. I understand. With the increase of violence and terror attacks, combined with news reports that are more graphic than ever, it is the perfect storm for fear.

For much of my life fear was a battle. Even now, with all the traveling Steve and I do, there are plenty of opportunities to feel fearful. So I’ve learned that I need a plan.

I manage fear in two ways: first, I praise God that He is bigger than my fears. Second, I turn to Scripture. The Psalms provide wonderful word pictures and reminders of God’s protection. I have 3 “go to” Psalms when fear is threatening my peace:

Psalm 27. I love the reminder David gives us in this Psalm that the Lord Himself is our light and salvation. When my little grandkids spend the night, I turn on a night light for them because everyone knows that the darkness is scary. Fear thrives in darkness, but our Lord is The Light.

David continues by writing that God is also the stronghold of our lives. The word “stronghold” gives us a picture of a secure tower where we can hide. Though evil may come against us, the security of being hidden in God allows us to stand in courage.

Psalm 46. I memorized this Psalm when I journeyed through cancer, and it is still a favorite of mine. David wrote, “God is our refuge and strength and ever present help in trouble; therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea”. Even when it seems as thought the earth is shaking, we can be confident because God is with us.

Psalm 91. This Psalm became precious to me when I journeyed through healing for the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. The picture of being nestled under the shadow of the Almighty where no evil could touch me brought me great comfort.

Friend, the next time you feel fearful, either for yourself or your children, spend some time soaking in these Psalms. Read them out loud and declare them as truth over your life. Pray them on behalf of your children and spouses. Study them. Memorize them. Read them every day for a season and watch how God will build courage into your life.

Hey, you know what? As you soak in these Psalms and fight fear, I’m cheering for you and praying for you! You can win the battle with fear! As you’re meditating on these Psalms here’s a new song to listen to by, Lauren Daigle called, “Peace Be Still”.


I’d love to hear from you. What is your favorite Psalm and why? Leave a comment at www.beckyharling.com/blog


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    My favorite psalms are 23 ,35, 46, 27,and 91. Just reading them gives me hope and great peace and hope in our God. Thank God for His Word! I am beginning to pray the Word. Our weapon of defense. Our weapon of resistances against the enemy. Praise you Jesus for being faithful to and not leaving us defenseless.❤️

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