3 Prayers of Blessing to Pray Over Kids as They Head Back to School

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The stores are stocked with school supplies and kids are ready to go back. Some are anxious, and some are excited. Even if you don’t have kids, you likely have nieces or nephews, neighborhood children, or grandchildren. I happen to believe the kiddos of our nation need prayer and blessing as they go back to school.

The power of praying scriptural blessings over your kids is huge, especially as they head back to school where they will be spending countless hours each day. How can you cover them as they go? 

3 Prayers of Blessing to Pray Over Kids as They Head Back to School

Pray That They Would Be Rooted and Grounded in God’s Love. Use the words of the Apostle Paul in Ephesians 3 in your prayer. Lord, I pray that ____________ (put in child’s name) would be rooted and grounded in your love. May they know and experience how wide and long and high and deep is the love of God for them. May they stand firm in their identity as your beloved child. When confusion or conflict comes their way, may they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that You love them and are for them. May they experience your presence as they go to school each day and may they be filled with strength and courage as they face each challenge. Guard their heart, Lord Jesus, and remind them that they belong to You.

Pray That They Would Experience Your Protection. Use the words of the Psalmist in Psalm 91 and Psalm 139 and pray them over your child. Lord God, I praise You that ____________ (put in child’s name) can dwell under the shadow of Your Almighty presence. How I praise You that You will be their fortress and strength through this school year. I pray that they would find refuge in your presence each day. Thank You that they cannot escape your presence even if they go to the highest heights or the lowest depths, you hold them secure. I praise You that there is safety in the shelter of Your presence. Thank you that they don’t have to fear the arrows that fly toward them. You will shield them with your faithfulness. Thank You that You will protect them from the enemy who comes to rob, steal, kill, and destroy. Every time they call on You, You will answer them. I praise You that You promise to be with them in trouble and that You will never stop pursuing their heart.

Pray That They Would Experience Joy and Gladness. The Psalmist gave us great words to borrow in Psalm 68:3. Holy One, I pray over ____________ (put in child’s name), that they would embrace righteousness. I pray that they would be filled with joy and gladness as they head to school each day. I pray that they would find favor in their teacher’s eyes and that as a result, they would experience happiness during their day. I pray that You would give them at least one good friend to connect with because we know that connection is key to joy. Father, surround your son or daughter with wise friends with whom they can enjoy life. I pray that You, Holy Spirit, would quiet any anxiety, fear, or depression in ____________ (put in child’s name) and that You would fill them with Your joy.

Friend, why not print these prayers out? You can pray them for not only children, but for your adult kids and your grandchildren. Here’s what I know: the next generation needs prayer!

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  1. Betty Parker
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    Thank you Becky for these prayers I can pray and share with other moms and grandmothers. Sending you a loving prayer for God to richly bless you and abundantly fill you with His Holy Spirit for your ministry.
    Betty Parker

  2. Yvonne
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    Beautiful tips, Becky.

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