12 Innovative Ways to Praise God in the Midst of Your Crazy Life!

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Life get’s a little crazy doesn’t it? So how in the world do you fit praising God in an already packed schedule? Here are a few ideas for you: 

  1. Use Your Car Time as Praise Time. Whether you’re driving kids to soccer or on your way to the grocery store, turn on some Christian music and let the music prompt your praise.
  2. Take a Worship Hike. Praise God for the beauty of creation all around you.
  3. When you’re doing laundry thank God for each family member. As you wash you teen’s favorite jeans, give thanks for that teen even if they might be driving you crazy at the moment.
  4. Use Colorful Post It Notes to Remind You of God’s Characteristics. Write one characteristic of God per post it note. Then put the notes on your bathroom mirror. As you’re washing your face or brushing your teeth, thank God for at least one character trait of His.
  5. Choose One Scripture Verse of Praise and Make it Your Screen Savor. For example: Psalm 150:6, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”
  6. Sing in the Shower. Choose one of your favorite praise songs and belt it in the shower.
  7. Write Your Praise. Every day write one prayer of praise to the Lord. Keep all your prayers of praise in a notebook.
  8. Before Your Go to Sleep at Night, Thank God For Three Things. As you lay in bed trying to fall asleep, thank the Lord for three blessings.
  9. Keep an Answered Prayer Jar. Through out one month, every time God answers a prayer, write it down and date it. Then put it in the jar. At the end of the month read back over the slips of paper and praise God for answered prayer.
  10. Create a Life Map. List all the people who have been most influential in your spiritual journey. Then take a few moments and praise God for each person. You might even consider writing each one a thank you note and letting them know how God used them in your life.
  11. Praise God For Your Facebook Friends. Go through your facebook friend list and praise God for each one.
  12. Take a Praise Walk Around Your Neighborhood. Walk through your neighborhood and praise God that He is at work in your neighbor’s lives. Praise Him that He has plans to use you in that neighborhood and that you are there by His appointment. Praise Him for the opportunities He will give you to share Christ with your neighbors.

Got a idea? Share your idea here so others can benefit from how you praise God.


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  1. Nanci
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    While doing the dishes – praise Him for what you see out your window, your yard, trees, flowers, the weather you’re having, the roof over your head your neighbor, those who eat with you, have already or will be with you.

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