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Single Inspirational Messages

When Your Dreams Die, It’s Time for a Resurrection

Broken dreams can feel like the death of hope. In this powerful message from John 11, Becky teaches that when your dreams die it is the right moment for God to work a miracle in your life! Out of your broken dreams God can bring the resurrection of hope and a new vision.

This Wasn’t Supposed To Be My Story!

If you could have written your story what would you have included and what would you have left out? In this life changing message, Becky shares candidly from her own story how God can redeem any story and bring beauty out of the ashes. This message is based in Luke 8:40-56.

Dispelling The Myths of the Mirror

Young women receive countless messages every day about their body. These messages distort their thinking about beauty. What is God’s view of beauty and how does God perceive our bodies? In this message, Becky answers these questions and shares her own journey through an eating disorder. Teaching young women how to change their thinking is critical. Based on I Corinthians 6:19, this message is specifically designed for high school and college age women.

Understanding Your Child’s Unique Design

Based in Proverbs 24:3-4 this seminar teaches mothers how to unlock the key to their child’s heart by discovering their child’s own unique design. Once Mothers figure out their child’s unique design, they are more able to nurture intentionally, and raise their child to live with an understanding of God’s love and purpose for their child’s life.

Discovering Your Own Unique Design

This seminar is designed to help women discover their passion and purpose. In Luke 8:16, Jesus taught that we are not to hide our light under a bushel. When we receive God’s grace, we receive a divine calling (Ephesians 2:10). Using a tool called,The Design Profile,Becky helps women discover their unique design so that they can live out their one-of-a kind calling.

Unwrapping Hope This Christmas

The holiday season can trigger many feelings in a woman’s heart; some good, some not so good. Especially, with a failing economy and many out of work, the Christmas season can feel anything but joyful. The prophet Isaiah gives four tangible reasons for hope this Christmas no matter what’s going on in the world around you. Based on Isaiah 9:6 this message is perfect for an out -reach event!

Unleashing the Power of Praise

How is it possible to praise God when your life is falling apart? In this message, Becky unlocks the most powerful tool we posses to defeat the enemy – the power of praising God above our circumstances. Psalm 77 provides a tangible picture of how our attitudes can change when we unleash the power of praise in our lives!

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Weekend Retreat Topics

Finding Calm in Life’s Chaos

You long to be calm and composed but too often you feel frazzled and frantic.  When the winds of chaos unexpectedly blow into your life, anxiety and insecurity increase.  Becky understands because she’s been there. How can Jesus meet you in the chaos? Come discover how a fresh understanding of God’s character through Jesus’ I Am statements will lead you to find Him as a place of safe shelter.

Freedom From Performing

Are you a performer at heart? Do you often feel like a marionette pulled in many different directions because you live for the approval and accolades of others?  Discover the freedom that comes when we internalize God’s grace and live for His applause alone.

Becky Harling Speaking


Rewriting your Emotional Script

Women with troubled pasts carry emotional baggage.  Becky understands. As a survivor of sexual abuse Becky learned to live with an emotional script of shame, fear, and mistrust. Determined to overcome her pain Becky set out to rewrite the emotional script she had followed for many years. Her search for healing led her to the beatitudes where Becky discovered a practical process to let go of the pain of the past. This conference speaks gently to a woman’s unique struggles showing her how to erase the old messages and embrace new attitudes.

Rewriting your Emotional Script can be done as either a retreat or conference.

Freedom from Envy (Clip)