Why Christ in You is Great News!

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  Recently, I read about the great Italian violinist Paganini. One night as he stepped onto the stage he realized he didn’t have his best, most valuable violin. He quickly scurried backstage to see if he could find it, only … Read More

You Are Appointed and Anointed – Live with Confidence!

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  I was 25 and living in Khartoum, Sudan, in east Africa. My husband Steve was serving as the pastor of the international chapel in Khartoum. The country was in a civil war, and me—I was trying to figure out … Read More

“Who Do You Say That I Am?”… and Who He Says You Are.  

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This summer, Steve and I had many wonderful moments with our grandkids. My heart is full. One memory sticks out in my mind of my little granddaughter Selah (age 6) singing and twirling to Hillsong’s new song, “Who You Say … Read More

Isn’t He…The King of Kings? So, Why Not Worship Him?

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Steve and I have just finished up three consecutive weeks of travel. Part business but also a lot of pleasure, including a wonderful vacation in Italy. In the course of our travels we visited two palaces, Buckingham Palace in England … Read More

Isn’t He Almighty God? So Why Am I Afraid of Challenges?

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Recently, my little grandson Cayden (2) was climbing up his slide, chanting exuberantly, complete with his pacifier in his mouth, “Take that wall!” Clearly, Cayden loves American Ninja Warriors. He and his brothers and cousins all love to watch the … Read More

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