Does God Seem Silent?

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Waiting has been the hardest spiritual growth skill for me. Impatient and energetic by nature, I like it when things move fast. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned about God in recent years it’s this, God is never in a hurry and He is often VERY…SLOW. While this is uncomfortable here’s what I know:

Waiting sets the stage and sharpens his instruments for HIs purposes!


Waiting, Delay sharpens us as His instruments 

Certainly, we see this throughout the Bible. Think about it.


  • Abraham waited until He was well over 90 for his promised son.
  • Joseph waited for many years before he realized His dreams.
  • Moses didn’t step into his calling until he was in his 80’s
  • David waited for years to become king.


From your human perspective, it may appear that time is ticking and years are slipping. But, God as, “The Alpha and the Omega,” holds a different perspective (Revelation 1:8). He’s sharpening and shaping you as His instrument. And, He’s setting the stage for the most dynamic presentation of His glory.


While you wait, here are some postures of praise from Psalm 37, to help you cultivate an attitude of expectation:


  1. Bowing in trust when I feel like pacing with worry! Vs 1 and 3 Do not fret….Trust in the Lord ad do good. Example of Hannah 1 Samuel 1 – bowing and weeping. Sometimes our worship is weeping.   Here’s a new song to help you in your bowing journey. Here I Bow by Jenn Johnson
  2. Laying down my burden when I feel like picking it up. Commit your way to the Lord. Vs. 5..The word “Commit” means to roll. One of the heaviest burdens Mothers carry is worry over their kids…..worry over weather or not their kids are walking with the Lord.


  1. Sitting still when I feel like taking ActionBe still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him. Vs. 7. This is one of the hardest challenges for us as believers. We’re wired for action! At one point in my life, everything in me wanted to take action to “fix” a situation but the Holy Spirit brought the words of Exodus 14:14 to mind, “I will fight for you while you remain silent.” So hard to be still and remain silent. But God often moves when we get out of the way!


  1. Raising my hands in worship when I feel like shaking my fist. Refrain from anger and turn from wrath…… (vs. 8) It’s easy to feel angry at God when He’s not moving as quickly as we’d like! Especially when we’ve been begging and pleading and the heavens feel silent. But instead I’d like to suggest to you that you raise your hands. Raised hands are the universal sign of surrender….and true worship includes surrender.   Remember, your deepest desires are always met in God more than in the answer you’re hoping for. 


Question: what has God taught you about waiting recently?

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  1. Shirl Lee
    | Reply

    Amen. What a precious reminder to wait on the Lord!

    • Becky
      | Reply

      Thanks, Shirl Lee! It’s hard to wait, huh? Blessings and Love to you!

  2. Elaine
    | Reply

    I have learned to trust even when nothing seems to be happening. I came across a song on YouTube by Kathy Troccoli called I Wait and the words are so appropriate, we wait, we trust, we lift it up to Him.

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